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Waking Up to Trance Out

Deeper Trances. Lasting Effects. Triggers that Work Instantly. Post Hypnotic Suggestions that actually happen. Sexuality not Excluded from your Trance. 

Why do some people who practice hypnosis achieve such extraordinary feats while others do not? Success has been studied and is teachable. Anyone can begin to get more out of hypnosis by bringing more to the session. I have explored a vast amount of collected data on the subject and conducted My own research and experiments without ever feeling the pressure to exclude content for propriety's sake. To keep everything you are about to read in context, it is important to have realistic expectations at the outset.

 The level of depth you get to in one trance or session can be increased the next time, by up to around 50%. To double the depth of your first trance, it will take 2 more trances each having increased depth by 50%, however you will have reached double depth part way through the 3rd trance and by the end of it you will have more than doubled the level of depth you can reach in a single session. So, assuming you had a 10 out of 10 trance, and continue to have such, this is what you could attain after four trances with the same goal. The element of surprise always exists because you are taking yourself a little further into unknown territory every time.

Time well spent: This Depth Potential Chart represents a good amount of inner exploration, thought, focus, concentration, training, discipline, dedication and passion. 

Depth Potential

Eventually a drop off may occur, if and when you have fully exhausted that subject's benefit to you.  At that time, you will know where you want to delve next and things will happen naturally and you will find the next subject you want to explore. Just remember, most people keep repeating the experience of the first trance over and over without progressing deeper into it, more each time. They just start at the beginning instead of starting where they left off the last time. 

When I say "deeper" or "depth" you can apply this equally to "lack of sensation" or "numbness" as in the case with hypnotic anaesthesia. There are many of you who enjoy the Hypnotically Administered Anaesthetic I give your cock in My file "Shiver". I have worked with subjects to make this lasting, a permanent condition for them and they love it. The techniques in this post will absolutely enhance these types of wanted side effects. This is also essentially a huge Post Hypnotic Suggestion, so again, these techniques work to improve and increase the likelihood your triggers will stay firmly implanted and all of your PHS's will manifest like magic. Hypnosis will only work on the mind, but the mind has some power over the body, and it can promote the production of dopamine, endorphin, hormones and other neurotransmitters as well. It can shift mental states that are prohibitive to healing as well as to promote muscular relaxation or contraction, even serving to reduce movements. 

Tell yourself with Me now that you will be able to go under, and drift deeply. When you come out of trance, you will remember how things shifted, and then you went under, you can recall how far you got and you can go there now. That was easy and enjoyable, but it doesn't end here. Now you will begin your next trance from this point, these coordinates, and you will drift and sink deeper from here, going further than you ever imagined you could on your second hypnotic trance. From now on you will always take an extra minute to recall where you finished your last trance and you will begin your next one from that point. This is how it is supposed to be, this is how your are meant to be using this time and being used and made to be brought deeper. 

The 5 Aspects 

Think of it as a recipe: you will need ingredients and equipment as well as to follow instructions in the correct order and then wait the appropriate amount of time before you see results other than a messy kitchen.
There will be a thrill in undertaking this and a knowing that the time is right once you have taken care of the following:

Trust.   Ritual.   Senses.   Goal.   Reinforcement.

Trust is the first step. Because you are going to be hypnotized you may have spent time learning how to go under and tried different recordings. Even if not, most people are exposed to hypnotic suggestions several times a day just from advertising. These alone are good reasons to set yourself up for a good trance by starting fresh with a deprogramming or mind wipe. If this sounds a little scary, maybe it ought to be. Having a hypnotist whose skill you know and trust is truly your first step.  Self-hypnosis is also an option if you are able to implant suggestions which are accepted and agreed to by your subconscious mind. Some times we need to discover these things in giant leaps and other times we require taking baby steps. I would ask you to take a moment to decide which it is you'd like, now and each time you undergo hypnosis.

Studies on the effects of hypnotism for the purposes of deprogramming are even more compelling considering the subjects used all scored low on the Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale (SHSS). Incredibly, behavioural data showed that the programmed behaviour had been completely eliminated in terms of both reaction time and accuracy for both the experimental and control groups after the hypnotic deprogramming suggestion. 

Several of these studies are written for the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. For more information about these studies you can go here.

Ritual is the next step, or steps, and will require your full attention. There is a difference between going in to hypnosis without preconceived notions and going in without care. Even if you throw caution to the wind, you must pour your heart into this in order to get what you need back out of it. I will show you how and you will be pleased with how easy it is. 

Prepare a book or electronic log where you will document and journal. Each time you listen to or have a session you will record the following details:

First prepare for your session with a deprogramming mind wipe. This is an essential step many subjects skip, to their detriment. Record it in your log. Use a Deprogramming File which can be added to the start of your playlist. 

Each entry in your log should contain: 
Date. Time. Place. The Session* (Hypnotist, Session Name, Length of Session, number of times looped) + your goal with this session + did you sleep or wake up at the end. *(or playlist)
Write down your goal with this session. You may also write out an affirmation for this goal. If it is a long term goal, you may want to create a sigil you will associate with the affirmation. This is a promise you are making to yourself, do not do so lightly. Not only will you meet your expectation, you will exceed it. Make sure you are ready for this commitment by asking yourself and waiting for the answer. It may be that you hear it, see the words, or just know by the feeling somewhere in your body. If it is not yes, then go back to step one, trust.

Senses. The next step is to work with your senses to prepare for your trance. The senses are there to assist with you attaining your goal through hypnosis, even if your goal is to experience powerful, lasting, deep hypnosis. I am going to tell you exactly what to do to wake up each of your senses right now so that you can start becoming a deeply hypnotizable subject.

The 5 things you will do to enlist the aid of your senses can become highly specialized and even part of your ritual. The way you prepare each sense for a deep inner journey can go a long way to set the tone. The 3 main choices for you are to Sexualize aspects of the ritual, to Sacrelize them, or to Subjugate yourself through them. This will be something you decide later, but for now I will even give you examples of each. So easy. Some of you are doing these things already. If you are not, it's time to learn.

Find a safe time and place where you won't experience any interruption. Honestly tell yourself that you have taken care of that much at least. Get into comfortable attire. Set the tone by adjusting attire to something that will enhance the experience you are about to have while under. For example:

(sexualized = naked, stroking, cock ring, in panties, collared...)
(sacrelized = the same clothing each time, a robe, gown, satin pyjamas...)
(subjugated = collared, caged, 'slave' written on your chest, going on cam...)

Before you begin your trance you will learn you must brush your teeth, and use mouthwash as well. At the least, use a breath mint, pleasant tasting lozenge, or candy. Make sure it's one you won't get sick of in repeated use. Consider picking one flavor per trance/mp3/goal and stick with it. Drink a small amount of water leaving the rest close to you for when you come out of trance. It is important to rehydrate after you come out or wake up as the deep breathing and the time lapsed require that you drink some water.

(sexualized = while edging... )
(sacrelized = while staring at a picture of your Goddess, of a sacred place...)
(subjugated = cum, something gross...heh heh)

Comfortable, stereo, noise cancelling headphones. These not only need to be of good quality, they must feel good when you put them on. I insist hypnoslaves send Me the name and a picture of the headphones they are using before they begin serious training with Me. The right pair of headphones will not slip, become uncomfortable, apply distracting pressure, have poor sound, have poor stereo, have poor controls, nor let outside sound penetrate. 

Every part of your body should be loose and comfortable. There are times where the aid of a workout, stretches, a warm shower or bath, a hot water bottle or even an electric blanket will make you more relaxed than an induction alone. Warming up your body could become an important part of your ritual.

The visuals needed during a hypnotic session can all be in the mind's eye. Even with focal point inductions, eventually we must close our eyes and become efficient at and focus on effortless guided visualization. Use a sleep mask, a scarf, a blindfold to cover your eyes and keep your eyelids still from the start. By blocking out the light or changes of it you will improve your focus and hypnotic results, especially including time distortion hypnosis. Try using a moisturizer, eye cream or line repair serum and you can treat and tend to your skin during your sessions. 

(sexualized = blindfold, worn panties...)
(sacrelized = sleepmask, heated...)
(subjugated = locking blindfold, harness, duct tape...)

Close your eyes and touch the top of your forehead. Look up to that spot and see the full moon, silvery and reflective. This is a very good thing to do right before you begin your trance and even as many times as possible when your attention and focus is called for, and especially when you are being given an instruction in a session. 

The sense of smell can never ever be overlooked. Pick a scent you will be able to stick with.  Find out what scents are calming versus which are invigorating. Either is good for use during hypnosis, an energetic blend can assist with subjects who would otherwise fall asleep during trance and a Domme's worn pair of panties can bring a slave closer to subspace. I am going to suggest scenting something you can hold on to, or have over your nose rather than a scented candle, incense or anything else combustible if you are to be alone and blindfolded.

Scent is one of the most subjective of senses. What a given scent "means" is highly personal, including reactions like relaxation or becoming energized. Whatever scents you find for your session, be sure to try them out before you settle down for hypnosis. Scent can also be closely tied to memory. It may be wise to avoid scents with which you already have a strong association, as the memories may be distracting.

Why don't you think of suggestions for these ones and email Me as a fun little task. 

(sexualized = _____________ )
(sacrelized = ______________ )
(subjugated = _____________ )

Goals. The fourth step is defining and affirming your goal. I've spoken about it, you know you have to log it, but have you made certain the session(s) or hypnotist(s) you are listening to are equally in support of your goal and have affirmed that it is realistic and attainable through hypnosis? A pre-existing session might need to be inquired about directly with the hypnotist who wrote the script. Do you have that kind of access to the Creatrix of the session you are about to train with? If this is unclear, go back to step one, and find a hypnotist you can trust. Once you have your goal in the forefront of your mind, you will feel ready for your session. Being able to maintain and focus your attention during hypnosis is what determines the  success of the session. 

It will be easier to focus when and where you are asked if you:

Go under on an empty stomach. Start your trance when you still feel awake and alert. Begin your session before you are tired. Have a sip or two of water before you go under and have water close by for during or after. If you are hoping to improve your personal level of concentration then spend a minute to visualize the regions of the brain which are responsible for this skill. Is it possible for you to locate these areas of your brain and feel a warm tingle there right now, aware of a new sensation of stimulation?

Because you are reading this article about intensifying the effects of your hypnotic trances, you are probably going to want to listen to a file that either includes a deepening induction with the suggestion that you will go deeper each time you listen, or else you will want to add to your playlist after the deprogramming file and before the session you want to train with or trance to. Remember to use the Deepening File.

If you've gotten this far, then either way this is the perfect time to focus on past successes and remind yourself of them as often as needed. 

In your journal you will create a page of good memories called your Anchoring page. It can be kept private or shared with your hypnotist if you like, and it will start by writing down 5 things that are powerful, charged, very good memories relating to your success, achievements, personal bests, happy or fun celebrations of you, deeply rewarding accomplishments, perfect outcomes, times where you felt fantastic, full of life, desirable, lovable, wanted, useful. 

Along the way you will also be called upon to think of things that you are grateful for. Create a page in your journal by starting with 5 sentences on things you are truly thankful for. These two points are on a scale which we need to mark and monitor and calibrate from. This is part of fine tuning receptors in the brain, receptors you want to develop in order to enjoy deeper more meaningful trances. The more intense the instrument, the more precise the control system. We all very much enjoy addressing our submissive hypno subjects as ditsy, dazed and dumbstruck, but the fact is they are exotic pets with infinitely interesting brains which they have given over to us, in some cases quite completely. 

Images of your Hypnotic Goddess are there for your motivation. Use these images. They are gifts to you. Be thankful, thinking of the amount of time put in to them. Do not underestimate the power of a personal or custom made just-for-you image, audio or video. A fixation video loop might be just the thing you need. Consider having something tactile as well; a pendant, a crystal, a pocket watch, a lighter to stare into the flame for a moment and anchor yourself to a place where you can continue from. They are habits, they may need to replace other less helpful patterns you have at the moment. 

If you've gotten this far, I can mention drugs and it probably won't scare you off. For some people, alcohol, drugs, medication, muscle relaxants, poppers (amyl nitrite), even anaesthesia can assist with relaxation more than an induction alone and combining chemicals with your personal hypnosis sessions is a personal decision that you should be able to bring up with and discuss with your hypnotist. For others, it will be just the opposite. Powerfully strong effects derived from suggestions of being drugged can be quite enjoyable with less risk. Combining aspects of bondage with your hypnosis can take you and keep you in subspace longer. I enjoy using a gas mask on subjects to force them to slow down and deepen their breathing. They have to focus consciously on timing each breath and this makes their subconscious easy to access and communicate with. The next time they begin a trance with Me, with or without the gas mask, they are able to recall and get to the deepest point they made it to in their last trance and go deeper from there.  

Progress is between you and your goals, no one else. Only compare your results and progress to your past accomplishments, even if all you feel you accomplished was making the time to listen to a session.

There are many different styles and types of induction from slow and progressive to covert and rapid. Remember that it is an art form and that art extends to being a good subject.

To recap, you will always begin with all 5 senses tended to, your goal affirmed, a freshly deprogrammed mind, a deepening induction, a hypnosis session (2 x or on loop) and then habitually starting your session by recalling where you reached last time. 

(Example Playlist: deprogram file + deepening induction + session + session again + reinforcement file).

Email to order a link for a Reinforcement File to Sleep after.
Email to order a link for a Reinforcement File to Wake Up after.
Don`t let anyone tell you that you are not susceptible enough for hypnosis who is not willing or able to run you through one of two established hynpo susceptibility tests, the SHSS or the HGSS. These tests do more than measure the level and depth of your trance state. They serve to measure your response to different styles of inductions and types of direct and subliminal suggestions. It is more likely that a person who is having difficulty with hypnosis is  stopping themselves from entering a trance state rather than a problem with susceptiblity. The odds are that you can be put into a trance. It just may be a very specific one that you have to maintain control over and that you have set up the parameters of in some way.

The Stanford Susceptibility Scale

The Harvard Group Scale

I used to work as a massage practitioner and therapist. I would see clients who could only afford 30 minutes of massage yet take 15-20 minutes to relax enough to enjoy it. With hypnosis, even if this happens to you, you can loop the same session to take you deeper within the same trance. 

Tell yourself with Me now that you will be able to go under, and drift deeply. When you come out of trance, you will remember how things shifted, and then you went under, you can recall how far you got and you can go there now. That was easy, and enjoyable, but it doesn't end here. Now you will begin your next trance from this point, these coordinates, and you will drift and sink deeper from here going further than you ever imagined you could on your second hypnotic trance. From now on, you will always take an extra minute to recall where you finished your last trance and you will begin your next one from that point. This is how it is supposed to be, this is how you're meant to be using this time and being used and made to be brought deeper.

Hypnotically yours,



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  2. This is astonishing; revelatory. It makes me feel we are being inducted into a holy rite, an initiation leading to great spiritual experience and wisdom. Thank You, Goddess. +<3

  3. thank You Goddess. working on Your suggestions now.

  4. ~ i have, literally, just scratched the surface & begun to use this knowledge, but already see a strong effect on my trance. More important, i can see for sure how powerful this will be for me. This will fulfill the Promise in many of Your spells, of immense and lasting hypnotic power over me.

    Thank You Goddess X<3

  5. I will now always take one teaspoon ashwagandha and half a teaspoon of creatine before trance. Also peanuts are good, probably because I also take Selegiline, which is a MAO-B inhibitor and also helps. Piracetam, lucidril, etc. can make you literally too lucid.

    But ashwagandha is really the best and most carefree supplement to restore/enhance trance capabilities.

  6. Thank You Goddess Ellechemy for taking your time to share this information with us.

    I just realized how much I did not know about hypnosis and effective training!

    Yours truly (literally),