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This post was created in response to those who would approach My body of work with all of the due diligence and effort of the serious minded student.

Ellechemy's Syllabus

The files are to be listened to in the order listed until the sub(ject) is comfortable with their understanding of the courseware. Each entry provides a direct link to the file in question. Easy, for example, links to the file "Easy".  For sessions written like this,  contact Me via email or twitter.

The links in this post will gradually be migrated over toward My new website, .The section headings currently include links to sections in My Library on that site.

While studying, subjects are strongly encouraged to invest time in the "Extra Credit" project for each course. Supplemental training materials are provided to facilitate mastery of the subject. Subjects are encouraged to take their Final Exam for each course after thorough training in that course, and then to study the exam extensively in preparation for the next course.

101: Erotic Hypnosis Basics

This course is intended to introduce the subject to erotic hypnosis, core concepts of submission, and encourage further learning.

Even More Obedient
Final Exam: Hypnophile
Extra Credit: Amore
Supplements: Intro Echo, sinking2wards_bottom

201: Service, Sexuality, and Submission

This course introduces the subject to more advanced explorations of the interplay between sexual pleasure, submission, and being of service.

Subdue Obey
Slave Mold

Into Orbit
Silver Vortex
Final Exam: Subsurface
Extra Credit: Submit4Success
Supplement: Sub Drop
Do Not Listen 

202: Anatomy Lessons

This course focuses on physical reeducation. The subject will learn more about male and female anatomy, the principles of biological responses, and how their sexuality will work when in submission.

Members Only
Final Exam: Shiver
Extra Credit: Svelte
Supplement: NVRENUF

301: Advanced Ellechemistry

This advanced elective course challenges the subject with deeper considerations of surrender and submission to Ellechemy. The subject may encounter unfamiliar themes or topics and is encouraged to engage this material as exploration of their own responses in submission.


Weak and Slutty
Supplement: Headset Fetish

302: Ethereal Ellechemistry 

The sessions which comprise this course are designed to allow for the subject to learn to temporarily leave the physical body behind. This course keeps the unrealizable fetish or fantasy in mind and paves the way for the psyche to be explored beyond the confines of the subject's current bio and physio limitations, and to thus experience subjugation of the spirit.


401: Colliquation

In this very advanced course of study the subject will explore the relationship between the body and the self, including expanding their identity to include inanimate objects or apparel as parts of their anatomy. 

Y.E.S.S: Your Every Second Skin