Thursday, 24 December 2015

New Directions

It may have come to your attention that I have restructured access to My sessions. 

Why are they gone?

They aren't gone, they are moving from Soundcloud to KinkBomb
Because My files range from ADULT ONLY to XXX-plicit content, hosting them on an ADULT site gives Me more control over who has access to My work. This is very important to Me as I am well aware of how powerfully My work can affect even the most resistant subject and I have a constant stream of messages in My inbox to prove it. 

When will my favorite session be available?

Very soon. Sessions are being released often. Fans who check in daily will not be disappointed. Whether it's a new release, short video or tweet, there's always more Ellechemistry to absorb.

They have new cover art!

Yes, there is a definite theme to the new cover art. There is an intentional return to form. This fetish has it's own history and mythology. It's difficult to pinpoint where our interests or obsessions began, but for many of us with a hypno-fetish it may be a particular pulp novel, piece of erotic literature or even comic book or cartoon. I wanted to pay homage to the some of the source material that inspires Me.

What can fans expect in 2016?

Expect to see new and exciting subsections of the Syllabus as it grows. One of the reasons I am excited about having increased control over who can see My work is because it frees Me up to explore more extreme themes and subject matter. I have always been very careful about what I release knowing that it often takes more profound hold than I would have imagined. 

I look forward to giving My fans an opportunity to support the creation of new materials and building My visibility with a new audience. This will come in many forms, including social media engagement, polls, contests, collaborations and many other exciting ways to demonstrate your devotion to Ellechemy.

More extreme themes?

Yes! Many of you have noticed that the theme of TRANSFORMATION runs throughout all of My work. It does deeply, yet there is another part to that theme I wish to explore, and that is the PROCESS. I have spent a long time and much effort getting to this very moment. Not satisfied with taking on transformation in and of itself, but how it occurs, and why, explored explicitly, in new media and different kinds of sessions, by following up on frequently requested subject matter, and the continuations of fan favorites.

Without getting into the HOW and the WHY of transformation (or any topic) there is only so far you can go without repeating yourself. Without the further, philosophical questions being asked here we would inevitably be saying the same things over and over without making any progress past the introductions. 

That is certainly no way to push limits or boundaries or widen one's horizons in any significant way. Growth always results in some change, and some of us naturally resist that. The only stasis I enjoy is the kind I inflict. 

There are themes and ideas I have been developing for a long time. I feel I now have a stable of subjects sufficiently trained to handle more advanced experiences and assignments. I am very excited to (un)leash the most diabolical products of My imagination in the year ahead. Happy 2016. 

Hypnotically yours,


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Letters from the Edge

I get messages of this flavor often: people turning to me to resolve quandries composed of personal experience, compelling moments in the past, and some measure of magical thinking regarding My involvement in their lives. 
Once in a while I answer the questions they want answered... but do you really know what you wanted in the first place?

Hi Mistress Elle,

I hope you don't mind this email. I have a question for you. I've been listening to your recordings on and off for a couple of months. Some of them I've connected with, some of them I have not. Upon re-listening to the first two on your syllabus I had an incredibly strange, and thought provoking reaction. I was wondering if you would be willing, if possible, to shed some light on it.

Before I can explain what happened after the session, I have to give you a little backstory. When I was 17 years old I went through, for lack of a better way to describe it,  a period of extreme happiness. This "happiness" was linked to what was happening in my life at the time. The people in it, the events surrounding me, and the future that was right around the corner. The feeling I had is extremely hard to describe. It was almost like a vibration that ran through my body - a happiness vibe. A year later, when things weren't going so well, I was able to turn my inner life around by focusing on those times and that feeling, getting it back, although somewhat muted. It's come and gone over the years and morphed into a different sensation.

A couple of years ago I was meditating to an Attracting Wealth program and some of that original feeling emerged. It didn't stay for long. I didn't really focus too much on it. I would like to note here that the session I listened to had a subliminal track underneath the meditation music.

Last week I listened to "Easy" followed by "Even More Obedient". When I had finished the feeling felt like it was beaming out of me. It was almost completely overwhelming. It was the same feeling that I had as a kid with one exception - it felt synthetic. The feeling was there, but it wasn't latched onto, well, me. It's like  it wasn't personal. It was strong but felt fake. Looking back at the experience with the meditation program, it was the same thing except this time the feeling was about 1000 times stronger. It was also accompanied by a splitting headache.

My first question to you is, have ever heard of anything like this? I know that  ASMR is experienced by a lot of people. Is this that? What would cause this?

Any insights you may have on this subject would be extremely helpful. *

Thank you for your time,

* - ANY insights? Okay!


It sounds to Me like you are wrestling with the intrinsically transitory nature of serendipity, or what some would call "real rapture". Part of the nature of our encounters with desire is the context in which we discover it. That context consists of countless variables that cannot converge in exactly the same way again, not the least of which is the newness of the sensation. No matter how we may seek to recreate a moment in which we felt the worldview-toppling tug of desire, the one element we absolutely cannot recreate is a version of ourselves that had not experienced it, and did not anticipate the experience of it.

C.S. Lewis touched on this in the opening arguments of "Pilgrim's Regress", and develops it as the central thematic arc throughout. His protagonist is entirely defined by his wrestling with this problem. Lewis later elaborates on the relationships between desire, pleasure, newness, and spontanaity in "Perelandra" in an overarcing argument regarding the nature of evil (in which he puts forward that it is not desire, but our wish to control and recreate encounters with desire, that fuels much of human evil). 

An interesting praxis for this theme can be synthesized by juxtaposing the impossibility of a self that knows what it lacks that is beyond its bounds (ala Kierkegaard) and the self that can only be whole in its ruthless pursuit of earnest self-definition (ala Sartre). I believe the resolution of this problem is a recognition and acceptance that while it is to us to choose as an act of self-definition, and that choice consistent with the epistemic implications of our merkwelt acts as a reliable moral and existential compass, it is the unknowability and unpredictability of genuine encounters with desire that connects that self to a space with which it can meaningfully interact. Even as it is an ever-changing and unknown "us" that we principally interact with, the moments that seem to transcend those bounds inform us of a context in which that "us" exists and thus we know ourselves to be not of our own making. Thus we are honest, if never whole.


Tuesday, 28 April 2015


If you are hopelessly captivated by Me then I have a secret to share with you. In the 24 years I have been doing part-time gray area sex work, I have made many discoveries along the way. Yes, since 1989 I have have engaged in everything from phone sex to pro Domination, I have had My own dungeon and I have started gothic themed fetish events in Vancouver and Toronto that are still running strong today. I have pioneered new models of business, content distribution and ways to interact and engage My fans. I have incarnated under more than a couple names and aliases. No matter what I have done or will do, it is always on My terms. My other pursuits and career demands occasionally temporarily take Me away from these exploits, but I always return because the truth is that My interactions with submissive minds ignites My dominance and I like it.  

Six years ago in 2009 I emerged as Ellechemy, the HypnoDomme. I was delighted to discover the community for FemDom Hypnosis (FD Hypno) at Inraptured after being introduced and invited there by a local submissive I was playing with at the time and had met on FetLife. I was told to be careful because there were a lot of social rules, many of which were unspoken, and I was implored to be extremely respectful of the other more established HypnoDommes and their property. I was the new girl, and this was before the term Insta Domme had hit. I would not have been considered an Insta Domme there had anyone know My background, but the other thing that was stressed to Me was that this community reverently relished their anonymity and their fantasies. So, I entered and interacted with many submissives and a few Dommes, many of which I am close with to this day. 

One more thing that was made crystal clear to Me as I rose through the ranks of the FD Hypno world, was that Financial Domination, though permitted in the community, was not enjoyed by many and a hard limit for some altogether. I have always been vocal in My stance that I am able to be a 24/7 natural born lifestyle Domme, and that I am a Pro Domme as well. It depends on what is going on in My life at the time and who you are which aspects of My personality will be brought out to the surface. It is always at My discretion what kind of possibilities exist for a relationship. 

I now have a healthy following and fan base for someone who operates as an independent in this world of online and in-person gray area sex work. It was My choice early on not to use sites that took a large percentage of My fee for My content and/or expected Me to share any personal or financial information. On principle, I vowed never to put Myself in the position where the customer had more protection, anonymity or rights than Me. Slowly but surely it has worked well for Me. Because I have never worked off of an adult website, cam or clip site, there has never been a third party to resolve any potential conflict, I have always taken a hands on approach with each individual who has purchased or commissioned something from Me. I have been personally responsible for every success and would be for every failure, though there have been few of those. Perhaps because I had to take care of anything less than superb Myself, when it did arise, I learned the lessons fast. Perhaps My Alpha attitude kept Me out of trouble and resolved issues before they ever became conflicts. My real life career has prepared Me well for any thing that could happen online, as has My many years of experience and involvement in the BDSM and kink scenes all across My country, and vice versa. 

It never ceases to amaze Me how respectful My fans and admirers are and have been about My boundaries. I know it goes both ways, and that is why it has taken all of this to get to the secret I have to share with some of you today. I have never once ever referred to Myself as a FinDom, even when I monetized My skill set and accepted tributes "just because"... but I have just secretly made and launched a new website exclusively for Luxury Financial Domination and this is a bigger surprise to Me than it may be to most of you. As I have with FD Hypno, I created a unique feel and personal spin on the fetish of financial domination, taking more control of you through currency. 

I would never consider killing a sub who came to Me for a session of pain infliction no matter how high the tolerance, and therefore I would never consider blackmail or bankruptcy as an option for a fin-sub, but people do not know this and ask questions out of fear and ignorance. As in all things sexy, I like to leave My subjects better than I found them. I am an optimist with a very real track record of kinky life-coaching and the references to back these claims up. I may just say yes to your gifts and graciously accept your tributes on My terms, all of which makes you more and more obsessed with what comes next... and I may liberate you from your worst fears as you face your secret desires and disgusts through high risk sexual activities with a calculating Female mind taking care of you the entire time, up to and including the after care you need to prevent a post-session freak out. I have a ridiculous amount of compassion underneath all this wonderful perversion and subversion and you know it if you're still reading this far. 

My generous nature extends now into a fetish which is so potent at a time when the scene has been very nearly over-saturated with lazy, greedy and desperate men and women flagellating themselves and their potential partners with overused catchphrases with so much stealth misogyny and the bar just seems lower than ever. This is NOT why I have launched a luxury financial domination website after years of building a loyal hypno fetish fan base. I have done so because I was invited into an exclusive world of Financial Domination, and I was reminded of being invited into the FemDom Hypno Fetish world. I thought about what I would have done differently, should an opportunity such as this arise ever again. I wanted to create a presence, a brand and to reveal My credentials more honestly and transparently in a corner of the fetish world where the risks and rewards are both very, very high. So, in conclusion, if you are not interested in following or participating in this fetish with Me, because that is a limit for you, that is okay. But if you think or even consider saying that Ellechemy is a FinDom now or has been all along, you have missed the point entirely. These two sites with their corresponding social media presence and affiliated accounts will not see much, if any, overlap. It will never be a requirement that an Ellechemy fan engage in any activity other than erotic FemDom hypnosis and neither should it be a concern or a fear that it is My agenda. For some of you, it may be, simply, an opportunity or an option.

I would like to sincerely thank you for your continued support in 
My creative endeavors, always, and I give you

Monday, 5 January 2015

A Ring of Truth

I have been thinking, as I often do, in symbolic terms about the day to day lives of My chastity slaves. There are many devotees of Ellechemy who have entered or who wish to enter into a vow of chastity for Me.

Chastity can be short term or long term. It can be playful or it can be punishment. It can involve a cage or belt that truly locks, even with piercings for added security... and it can even be enforced via hypnotic mind control.

The reasons, the benefits and the ways to make such a vow are as varied as the backgrounds and desires of the individual. Ultimately the decision is made and an agreement between Key Holder and slave is reached. A promise is made.

Here we come to the part of being a Key Holder that really interests and excites Me. The promise. I am a visual person. I embrace symbols and sigils for their power to remind the conscious mind and to transform the unconscious or the psyche of a subject, Myself included. When a promise is made, a visual or tangible object intended to remind and reinforce one's commitment becomes a very precious thing. A chastity cage or belt is far too functional to be purely symbolic. The key to the lock is both functional and symbolic, however... the chaste slave is not the one who holds the key. The chaste slave often deeply desires such a prominent emblem. A badge of honor, if you will.

From now on, those subjects who desire to experience any sort of chastity promise or play with Me will be required to have a PURITY ring that fits on the ring finger of either their left or right hand. Once the terms of abstinence are agreed to and the period begins, the subject will wear their PURITY ring for the duration. Unlike the caged, belted, locked or otherwise controlled portion of property, this PURITY ring can be displayed at all times without debilitating social consequences. There will be debilitation, that I promise you, but it can remain our little secret.

After you have obtained a suitable ring, which may or may not have words on it, you will wear the ring ONLY while in chastity. If you take off the ring for any reason, that is fine, however you may feel a strong desire not to. As a proudly owned slave, you will naturally always want to wear it.

Now this brings Me to the rule which is above all the most important to Me. That is, that you may not wear the ring while pleasuring yourself. No exceptions. If you are given permission to come out of the cage for cleaning, and you are only cleaning and not stimulating yourself for pleasure, the PURITY ring may remain on your finger. If you are wearing a cage or not, and whether or not you have permission to masturbate, you will remove the PURITY ring. Those are My orders and, subsequently, My last word on the subject.

Even if you, as a distance slave, have a slip up, you may be forgiven and even discover redemption because you still observed the rules of the PURITY ring. If you were to ever masturbate, even slightly, while wearing your PURITY ring, then you will know without a doubt that you have transgressed in a way that will reveal with absolute certainty what you are not.

As every subject, submissive or slave of Mine has ever done during the course of service to Me, you will find yourself wondering if you have pleased Me. Well, if you are able to observe this ritual of PURITY surrounding your chastity, then the answer will be Yes. If you are not able to, then simply know for yourself that you have neither pleased Me nor disappointed Me. I simply care not, or rather, I am not in a position to ever take your vow more seriously than you.

My chosen slaves are incredible human beings who bring much joy and satisfaction to My life. They challenge Me to be more than I already am, without challenging My authority for it's own sake. True submissives always have a place at My feet and will always be duly rewarded knowing without a doubt that they have done well.