Tuesday, 28 April 2015


If you are hopelessly captivated by Me then I have a secret to share with you. In the 24 years I have been doing part-time gray area sex work, I have made many discoveries along the way. Yes, since 1989 I have have engaged in everything from phone sex to pro Domination, I have had My own dungeon and I have started gothic themed fetish events in Vancouver and Toronto that are still running strong today. I have pioneered new models of business, content distribution and ways to interact and engage My fans. I have incarnated under more than a couple names and aliases. No matter what I have done or will do, it is always on My terms. My other pursuits and career demands occasionally temporarily take Me away from these exploits, but I always return because the truth is that My interactions with submissive minds ignites My dominance and I like it.  

Six years ago in 2009 I emerged as Ellechemy, the HypnoDomme. I was delighted to discover the community for FemDom Hypnosis (FD Hypno) at Inraptured after being introduced and invited there by a local submissive I was playing with at the time and had met on FetLife. I was told to be careful because there were a lot of social rules, many of which were unspoken, and I was implored to be extremely respectful of the other more established HypnoDommes and their property. I was the new girl, and this was before the term Insta Domme had hit. I would not have been considered an Insta Domme there had anyone know My background, but the other thing that was stressed to Me was that this community reverently relished their anonymity and their fantasies. So, I entered and interacted with many submissives and a few Dommes, many of which I am close with to this day. 

One more thing that was made crystal clear to Me as I rose through the ranks of the FD Hypno world, was that Financial Domination, though permitted in the community, was not enjoyed by many and a hard limit for some altogether. I have always been vocal in My stance that I am able to be a 24/7 natural born lifestyle Domme, and that I am a Pro Domme as well. It depends on what is going on in My life at the time and who you are which aspects of My personality will be brought out to the surface. It is always at My discretion what kind of possibilities exist for a relationship. 

I now have a healthy following and fan base for someone who operates as an independent in this world of online and in-person gray area sex work. It was My choice early on not to use sites that took a large percentage of My fee for My content and/or expected Me to share any personal or financial information. On principle, I vowed never to put Myself in the position where the customer had more protection, anonymity or rights than Me. Slowly but surely it has worked well for Me. Because I have never worked off of an adult website, cam or clip site, there has never been a third party to resolve any potential conflict, I have always taken a hands on approach with each individual who has purchased or commissioned something from Me. I have been personally responsible for every success and would be for every failure, though there have been few of those. Perhaps because I had to take care of anything less than superb Myself, when it did arise, I learned the lessons fast. Perhaps My Alpha attitude kept Me out of trouble and resolved issues before they ever became conflicts. My real life career has prepared Me well for any thing that could happen online, as has My many years of experience and involvement in the BDSM and kink scenes all across My country, and vice versa. 

It never ceases to amaze Me how respectful My fans and admirers are and have been about My boundaries. I know it goes both ways, and that is why it has taken all of this to get to the secret I have to share with some of you today. I have never once ever referred to Myself as a FinDom, even when I monetized My skill set and accepted tributes "just because"... but I have just secretly made and launched a new website exclusively for Luxury Financial Domination and this is a bigger surprise to Me than it may be to most of you. As I have with FD Hypno, I created a unique feel and personal spin on the fetish of financial domination, taking more control of you through currency. 

I would never consider killing a sub who came to Me for a session of pain infliction no matter how high the tolerance, and therefore I would never consider blackmail or bankruptcy as an option for a fin-sub, but people do not know this and ask questions out of fear and ignorance. As in all things sexy, I like to leave My subjects better than I found them. I am an optimist with a very real track record of kinky life-coaching and the references to back these claims up. I may just say yes to your gifts and graciously accept your tributes on My terms, all of which makes you more and more obsessed with what comes next... and I may liberate you from your worst fears as you face your secret desires and disgusts through high risk sexual activities with a calculating Female mind taking care of you the entire time, up to and including the after care you need to prevent a post-session freak out. I have a ridiculous amount of compassion underneath all this wonderful perversion and subversion and you know it if you're still reading this far. 

My generous nature extends now into a fetish which is so potent at a time when the scene has been very nearly over-saturated with lazy, greedy and desperate men and women flagellating themselves and their potential partners with overused catchphrases with so much stealth misogyny and the bar just seems lower than ever. This is NOT why I have launched a luxury financial domination website after years of building a loyal hypno fetish fan base. I have done so because I was invited into an exclusive world of Financial Domination, and I was reminded of being invited into the FemDom Hypno Fetish world. I thought about what I would have done differently, should an opportunity such as this arise ever again. I wanted to create a presence, a brand and to reveal My credentials more honestly and transparently in a corner of the fetish world where the risks and rewards are both very, very high. So, in conclusion, if you are not interested in following or participating in this fetish with Me, because that is a limit for you, that is okay. But if you think or even consider saying that Ellechemy is a FinDom now or has been all along, you have missed the point entirely. These two sites with their corresponding social media presence and affiliated accounts will not see much, if any, overlap. It will never be a requirement that an Ellechemy fan engage in any activity other than erotic FemDom hypnosis and neither should it be a concern or a fear that it is My agenda. For some of you, it may be, simply, an opportunity or an option.

I would like to sincerely thank you for your continued support in 
My creative endeavors, always, and I give you