Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Personal Touch

A Personal Touch

Have you noticed that I am around a lot more these days? There's a reason, a secret to share with you now. I have taken a nice lengthy sabbatical from My wonderful RL career to recharge artistically and to embrace a lifestyle where no obligations nor demands exist on My time & expertise except the ones I put there. My intention in this is to create a new series of Ellechemical Media in the form of not only refined and improved audio production but by filming and creating video sessions as well. This post will explain why I have chosen to share even more of My Self with My audience, and why now. There may be some visualization expected of you if you choose to continue reading further on.

Imagine sitting down comfortably, stealing a private moment to yourself, getting ready to enjoy the pleasures of being taken on an erotic joyride in blissful solitude. It's going to be so good to hear My voice begin to purr, melting and trickling into your brain again, except this time... This time, while you listen to Me, I say your name or your nickname ...and you watch Me put you into a trance, speaking to you, talking directly to you, addressing you by name in My perfectly silky tongue. Imagine if the session was not just an audio, but a video session completely customized for your maximum pleasure and enjoyment; not some random clip you came across while searching for something new and hot, but instead your perfectly realized fantasy scenario. There's no need to imagine anymore... you can just open your eyes, stare straight ahead and watch Me take control of your mind as it's all happening right then right there, for you to see. The only thing you have to do next is enjoy getting sucked in to a visual vortex of hypnotic ecstasy getting to you like nothing else possibly could or would. It would become your dreamiest secret, your special treat, your greatest reward.

This is not only possible, it is all happening now, and it is very, very real. With the help of a new Miss Ellechemy model account at the site www.customs4u.com I am now creating beautiful and never before seen works of High Art, charged with all the sensuality of a True Goddess ~ Nothing Less. So many things had to come together for this to happen, most importantly a site that actually pays Me 100% of what I price My content at, and then adds a percentage which the customer pays. The customer can rest assured that I get paid out when they transfer My earnings onto a pre-paid MasterCard all set up for Me through Payoneer. (I love the idea that I can actually buy My gourmet healthy groceries and in general shop locally with this account.) All very sweet but here's the big plus: The site does not make any claim to anything I create or post there, which is more than I can say for any other site I have investigated. If there are other sites out there that offer all of this *without* the sleazy vibe, I have not heard of them. Admirers can even remain anonymous if they like, unless you email or message Me to tell Me you placed the order, I would not know who is placing the order as the site protects the privacy of customers and models alike. Heck, as an Artist these are better terms and conditions than FaceBook. I have even had sustained and positive interactions with some of the sites tech support staff and developers through the entire application and payment setup, so I feel more than ready to let the fun begin!

As a highly creative and imaginative Alpha Female, I have NO shortage of original ideas, concepts and expertise. If you are a devoted fan with a particular request, I would love to hear from you. The idea of you being the writer and I as the director and the star is intoxicatingly charged with vast potential for a heightened experience or deepening of our bond. I have an exquisite and extensive collection of captivating footwear, lingerie, stockings, corsets, dresses, hats, veils, fascinators, jewellery, gloves, masks, accessories, makeup, airbrush & body makeup, nails, contact lenses, props, fetish gear, medical fetish equipment, lace, leather, latex and some marvellous hypno-toys which have been custom made for Me for just this purpose, and
all very available by special request.. I have been just waiting for such an opportunity to seduce and captivate your erotic imagination. 

Obviously I have every intention of raising the custom video bar because I find doing things well to be so much more rewarding and invigorating. The production value I am able to bring to My film projects and custom commissioned videos (due to having invested in the necessary film equipment, studio space and time) will exceed expectation and enhance the effect and the experience of the session. The editing capabilities, the number of locations, sets and scenes, the costume elements and changes, the soundtrack, the overall quality and replay value... all conspiring to give you what you never even realized you needed, but knew you were missing. It will, simply put, blow your mind.