Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sink Whole

I am handling the release of My newly completed mp3, "Wet",  in a different way. I know that most of you will follow where I lead so unquestioningly that it makes sense for Me to view my suggestions from the subject's vantage, to anticipate how it will impact them should it be accepted without hesitation or filters. That care and precision on My part bids Me discuss this file for the listener before releasing it, as much about My intent and design as its content.

This file is not based on humiliation or degradation. I have a number of files dealing with those topics in My own unique way. This is not role-play or age-play. I am not now and will likely not ever be interested in those topics. This file is instead about a deeply challenging level of acceptance. In My own experience of being hypnotized there come moments when involuntary versus voluntary bodily functions divide My concentration, breaking an otherwise impenetrable hypnotic spell. As I always do when faced with "what-if" questions, I performed thorough experiments on My closest slave and carefully distilled the data to create something uniquely suitable to My requirements.

What I discovered in those experiments was a hygienic, safe, discrete, and easy way to mind fuck My subject's brain while slowly crushing some of the deepest bastions of self-control. I discovered ways to inspire degrees of submission and self-erosion that were simply not possible without a subject surrendering those very basic illusions of autonomy. Imagine putting on a comfy pair of disposable underpants before getting ready to relax so deeply that in all likelihood you might dribble or you may not want to have to try to stop yourself from doing anything, even wetting. What do you think it would be like for you, if the next time you prepared to go so deeply into the trance that you had taken precautions so as to not have to waste one tiny bit of concentration on not having an accident?

Wearing a diaper (or even a catheter) doesn't mean you will use it. It only means you won't have to worry about your bladder distracting you from more important things, like listening to Me. This alone could increase your ability to focus, to concentrate deeply on My words. After trying this even one time a subject could experience dramatic and noticeable improvement. They may see small improvement, and there I should remind you that Olympic gold is won in fractions of a second. Improvement is always good, and always pleases Me.

The intention of this file is to break a barrier inside you, one put there early in life to protect you. Now, with careful guidance, you can give and receive pleasure pushing those barriers or having them stroked, prodded, or pushed by a powerful, loving entity. If you want to feel humilated at any point in this experience, you have My permission. If you do not want to feel humiliation, you have My permission.

It may help to think of this as a medical procedure. I will have you exposed, vulnerable, and helpless to prevent the deep, invasive changes I will create with surgical precision. How you feel about this procedure has no bearing on whether or not it will happen. If it frightens you, it will happen. If it arouses you, it will happen. If it does neither, it will happen.

It may help to imagine this procedure happening to someone else. Imagine as I enter the procedure area. I put My beta subject into a thickly padded, form-fitting, fully adjustable diaper.  I do this for their safety. I tell them to drink the large glass of water I hand them. I do this for their well-being. I tuck them in deeply with sleep headphones and start playing "Wet". I do this to improve them.

For the next 15 minutes My voice and thoughts will infiltrate their mind until they are fully able to give themselves over to the important sensation of being touched. Touch is so important to people, and I want My subjects to be well-cared for, well-nourished on touch. My subjects realize how much they need touch, and how well I understand the importance of touching, pressing, caressing such helpless minds and bodies. This understanding is so important that I put the file on repeat.

Once a subject has experienced such a delicate and surgical undoing of their psyche, they may have a period of enthrallment with the method or the process. They might fall in love anew with the possibilities they themselves contain to delight and shock after such a profound and easy surrender of voluntary function. It might be exciting to have such a secret, or it might be more thrilling to confess it all to Me sometime after. Either way, it doesn't matter to Me what you think about it, as you will know you have crossed a threshold you will remember forever. Whatever you may think about it, it will happen.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Gates of Elle - Part II

“Horses make a landscape look beautiful.”
― Alice Walker

I am especially pleased to announce that I am once again in the position to accept new servants and to offer an exclusive opportunity for slave training. Due in part to the exceptional training and exemplary behavior of those who are already in service to Me, I am able to expand My empire while continuing to mold submissive minds.

+ Accepting +
Hypno slaves for Beta Testing.

+ Training and Accepting +
Chastity slaves.  

+ Training +
Cuckold slaves: 
relationship status n/a. 

+ Training +
Money slaves. 

+ Training and Accepting +
Humiliation slaves.

+ Training +
Toilet slaves, Piss slaves.
(see: Humiliation slave training)

+ Accepting +
Transitioning slaves, 
Transgender & Transexual slaves.

+ Training and Accepting +
Pony slaves & Pets  

Once you have made your decision to embark on this journey, I welcome you to follow the steps in Gates of Elle, Part I and contact Me at

The subject of the 359 word email must be:  "loyalty programming"

I personally respond to sincere applicants with discretion and confidentiality.

The Gates of Elle - Part I

"Nature does not care that you are comfortable, only that you evolve." 
                                                                                            --Harville Hendrix

Do you know the scenario where a password is needed to enter through a door, and the password is given by the hopeful entrant, only to be informed that was the password last week. What is it today? Well, that's a lot like you trying to discover what My desires are at any given moment. Trying to guess something like that can put one out of their comfort zone pretty swiftly. In the interest of working smarter, not harder, I am going to lay down some laws right here, right now, for would-be servants of Mine.

I mean it when I say I love making the world more submissive, one subject at a time. I am a Woman with a vast number of interests and perversely diverse tastes. I have both extreme patience and know how and when to pounce. I was always this way, and embracing that has resulted in the refinement of My methods to an exacting degree early on.

This is best kept in mind when approaching Me for consideration, especially so for those with aspirations to train with Me. As instructors go, I am more comparable to a university professor than a high school teacher because I do not take attendance nor do I go out of My way to punish you for non compliance. I always have a full theater of eager pupils and they always get My full attention. Presenting yourself to Me, being patient and paying attention to what I tell you shows Me your respect. When there are too many variables to make general assumptions, I look on this as a blessing for individuality and creativity. What this means to you, is; the more diverse your own fetish portfolio is, the more chance of an overlap with My needs, wants and desires.

If you are not genuine in wanting to serve Me, I will know immediately. The lessons begin before We ever talk. Once learned and demonstrated, a subject may be directed or may inquire into applying to become My servant. Expressing interest in becoming Mine does not necessarily incline Me one way or the other. Acceptance is Mine to give or deny. These things will always hold as the process, once commenced, unfolds as follows:

- Application -
 Exactly 359 words because I say so.
Name 2 things you would want to do for Me, and 3 that you would not.
Tell Me your desired frequency and nature of contact.
Explain why Me and not someone else - use no flattery nor compliments
 in answering this question.

- Selection -
Application will be reviewed and approved.
Assessment of compatibility.
I have determined you to be fit for Testing.

- Testing - 
Hypno-Susceptibility Test.
Emotional Intelligence.
- Training -
 Hypnotic Syllabus.
 Additional course materials.
Field Trip.
One-on-one interview.

- Acceptance - 
Into trial period,
 to be determined at My discretion.
Register as My servant - link given at My discretion.

- Commitment - 
Separate set of essay questions.
Enter long term arrangement.
Subject will be working toward a very special graduation day.
(day unknown to subject).

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Paying the Piper: On Money and Power

If you follow My work, you might have noticed that I am not One to issue titles to Myself. I do not declare Myself a Goddess, a Mistress or a Lady. I have described My persona as being Dominant and Hypnotic, and after recording several FemDom Hypnosis sessions and developing a loyal tribe of fervent followers, I have accepted the HypnoDomme title with pleasure and even pride. It is a different sort of delight than the kind experienced the first time someone called Me a Dominatrix, or even Humiliatrix. I felt fully capable of acting on My deepest urge to reduce an admirer to less-than-human status... to the level of the filth ground into the bottom of My boot, or the smell between My sweaty toes after wearing patent leather footwear for hours.

My comfort level with My sexuality and the corresponding contrasting sexuality of those drawn inexplicably to Me was also never a problem. One might say quite accurately that I could smell a potential 'victim' coming from a distance and that as they neared, My very Dominant personality emerged fast and strong. It was drawn out easily when not fully engaged. I never backed down when questioned or pushed, either. In fact, I am exceptional under pressure as it turns out. So, no surprise that I had a bedroom/dungeon for several years set up before I hit 20 years of age. And no surprise that I demanded and received hundreds of dollars an hour to remain fully and fetishistically clothed as I literally talked down to men without ever even touching them. Not unless I wanted to. 

When the day arrived that I knew I could truly, deeply, effectively hypnotize... I could not wait to record My first session and see what subjects reported back. It escalated fast to a point where people were either asking Me what they could do to serve Me, or asking Me to make My work available for sale. I didn't want a tax nightmare to unfold, and I didn't want My dear hobby and sexy pass time to become a job. The truth is: My real life and career is way more dramatic and fascinating than anyone knows. (Ok, 2 of you know...) I make fantastic pay doing what I do, and am known far and wide for it. There is a definite professional aspect to My career, and therefore I use a clever pseudonym to record under. I think it describes Me and My philosophy rather aptly. Ellechemy.

I could quite literally quit My day job and just do the HypnoDomme thing, but then I would have to make a certain quota each month to pay the bills. I don't want to do that. Sometimes, I get breaks from work and I have more time to devote to My devotees ~ win win... you have been beyond supportive. I have opened the channels to receive your gifts and donations which has allowed Me to maintain My lifestyle when I am not working as much or when I say no to a gig because I want to spend more time recording.

The more time I spend reading your communications to Me, the more I am faced with the question: "What can i do for you, Ellechemy?" Hmmmm, the answer always comes down to' "Not much, because I am here and you are... Not." I could use a massage, a pedicure or a visit to that chic new hair salon. I could really use a nice meal delivered or a night out where I am not the designated driver. How about My expenses covered for a week so that I can record and edit a new file and put it out for free, not even having to answer those calls for work? Perhaps a donation to a beloved charity. Oh, wait, I can make you do that. Mmmmm. So hot...*sigh*

I do what I do because *I L*O*V*E IT* ~ and those donations that you send to Me are assisting My master plan of addicting and enslaving you in My decadent domain. Some people have declared any form or style of financial domination unhealthy, dangerous, or destructive. I find Myself thinking about how often subjects write to me to say how guilty they feel about the demands they try to make on My time. I wonder how these two opinions could exist in the same head. If any sort of financial offering is dangerous, what about obsessions driven by guilt? Or, perhaps worse, the pretense of submission to mask entitlement? The many threads of desire and power that weave through these thoughts and exchanges are easily tangled, and there are enough "submissives" that are actually demanding, petulant, passive-aggressive dominants that it's an old cliche.

 The truth, the reality and the fact remains that the best possible way to tribute Me, to keep Me going and growing as a HypnoDomme is simply to give Me financial support and encouragement. As I once said, "When you gift Me you are retroactively worshipping Me all the hours it took to make that money." Perfect. If you never have, can or plan to ever do this, that is fine.  I have never heard from a fan saying something like, "i have been enjoying your free files for a while, and get off on the fact that they are so good and that i am giving you nothing back for all that you have given me." Though I don't attract that often, I have heard that kind of ass bouncing down the road after I slammed the door.

There are other ways to demonstrate your appreciation. A devotee could spend their time giving feedback and reviewing My work, doing research projects for Me, etc. But before you zip over to Wikipedia with a hard-on and a mission, think about it. This still requires Me to spend one on one time investing in you. This is a "gift" that requires Me to take time, energy, and attention unwrapping it. A wise person knows the difference between the gift that is needed and the gift they want to give. If you are not willing to give Me a moment of genuine consideration, and thus insure that what follows is truly a gift, then you probably don't truly desire to be controlled in any and every possible way.

But wait, deluded and drowsy devotee, it's not as simple as giving, either.

If you only send cash to a Hypno Domme for a session, then you are always expecting something in return and you must not ever claim to be an unselfish slave. Same goes for those who are not willing to make any kind of financial sacrifices for their Dominant while at the very same time expecting Her to present Herself in a way which costs time and money. I make between $38-$50/hour at My day job. I have learned that, as a Hypno Domme, I can count on subjects often underestimating the amount of time I have to invest in a given session, or even in replying to incoming mail. It isn't ever going to be desirable to Me, a Dominant Alpha Female, to take a pay cut to fulfill your fantasy One on one. And I'm not even sorry.

I am ridiculously proud of the fact that I can support Myself so well as an artist. Fuck, that is an achievement I always knew I would attain, even when I didn't know how it would happen. I can't spend time with individuals who are blind to My value. I can't keep My magnificent mouth closed either after seeing one too many comments about how FinDom is unhealthy or a dangerous addiction. This begs a wicked pile of questions about pots and the color of kettles.

Is a fetish an addiction? I think it's something different. If you have never given a desirable Woman some of your hard earned cash *of your own volition* then you have no idea how satisfying, gratifying and/or arousing it can be for you and for Her. I have experienced the distinct pleasure and thrill of humiliating a man upon receiving his money or his gifts. I have been aroused in teasing and captivating submissives who pay tribute Me in such a way. I have given love and I have blackmailed ~ all perfectly consensual. I have had these kinds of relationships with wealthy patrons and starving students because I had something equally valuable to give back. I listen, I hear. I love and I nurture. I understand and unabashedly claim what I get. I have been behind more than one man's (as well as woman's) financial success, which is a far cry from the myth that this practice will ruin you financially. What kind of successful, intelligent Alpha Female is going to kill Her golden egg laying goose? Have you even ever tasted goose?

I will never release a Financial Domination session and put it out there for free. My traps are always clearly labeled. I will encourage you to give thanks or demonstrate the gratitude you claim, sometimes to your detriment, sometimes to your benefit. I will never call Myself a Financial Dominant nor a FinDom.
The reason being, I have way way WAY too many fetishes to settle on one which would potentially alienate My loyal listeners who have helped Me improve as an artist with their generous, constructive, positive feedback. There is an Art to this fetish which I can not claim to have exhausted. Maybe one day when I find Myself behind the wheel of a brand new luxury automobile, that will change... until then, you can find Me drifting around corners in My black, stock 1979 Datsun 280 ZX, which by the way, could use a new set of RIM$.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dedicated to Ellechemy

The most often asked question of Me is, "what can I do to please you?" I hope it comes as no surprise that My answer to this question changes. I am in a pleasant and constant conscious state of flux, mostly because I aspire to always learn a little more and improve or at least maintain every day I am alive. This is a quality I admire in Myself and likewise, love to see and cultivate in you. So prepare yourself for a subversive and intellectual journey which you could ride out for over a month. As your patient Muse, I have been waiting for just such an opportunity to discreetly trigger you in a long term yet temporary kind of way. I have it, and am announcing it right here. Right now.

I want you to take a nice long look at this link. 

I want you to imagine doing this, and doing so with the knowledge and understanding you are not doing it for anyone but for Me, because I told you to. Now, every moment of preparation, research, day dreaming and writing, and perhaps even editing will all be done as devotional worship to Me. The best part of this disciplined endeavour is not just that your writing and vocabulary may improve (I read your letters to Me, trust Me there is room to ascend), the best part of this is that you can announce your month of dedication to improved literacy and follow-through to any and every body and no one but Us will know the true motive. 

Twisted, isn't it. Now, I have no intention of telling you what the subject or style of your novel dedicated (publicly or privately) to Me  ought to be, but I would be willing and able to approve an idea for you should you desire that. It need not be erotic and in fact, perhaps it shouldn't be. It need not be great nor worthy of publishing, turning you into an author isn't the point. Improving your writing and communication skills is the upshot for Me, the One who reads your lovingly written messages, sometimes daily. Some of My dear smitten subjects have wonderful prose ~ they too could benefit from a month of steady productive creativity. 

When not involved with things hypnotic, I am an Artist and instructor of applied arts. This conditioning will bring you closer to Me in ways I can foresee even if you cannot. This is one of the reasons it is so easy and natural for you boys and girls to trust Me and let Me in. Embarking on the creative process does things to Us which We cannot prepare nor plan for. Which brings Me to another point. We will be cheating a little bit. The point of Novel Writing Month is to jump in with both feet starting and finishing in one month, with no prep and no delay. By announcing My challenge early, you have nearly 3 weeks of a head start and an edge.

If it were Me, (and no, I will not be participating this year, I have a blog to focus on) I would prepare by telling people around Me who might be inclined to make demands of My time during November, as well as friends and family who will be supportive and encouraging. Getting a writing desk or place ready to work at that is comfortable and free from distraction will be necessary as well as looking at a calendar and making sure to make the time. Some time spent doing research and background reading always helps Me start a new project. Set some realisable short term goals for productivities' sake.

Will you be doing your story writing at a computer, pen and paper, dictation or all of the above? Sometimes I reward Myself in advance with a new blank book or smooth writing pen. I adore My chrome fountain pen from a devoted fan and ever since switching to it, I feel I have raised My writing to the level of My tool. It makes Me apply Myself effectively and masterfully to My projects and that has been especially rewarding.

I patiently wait to see how powerful of a Muse I truly am with you, dear obedient reader, and hope to be impressed with your word count. I know I usually say quality before quantity, but this is certainly an exception. Don't spend even a moment worried about how good your finished novel will be or not, it is not being created with the intention of selling it, because the only thing you need to ensure is that it gets started and finished for Me. Like My hypnotic audio sessions... the day I stopped wondering if they would be good enough was the day I figured out how to upload them for free. I am not exaggerating when I say getting the nerve to do so changed My life for the better and re-wrote My future.

With deeply hypnotic kisses, eye-fucking and permanent blessings, I set you to it. 

Literally yours, 


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Broken toys

Today I am inspired to tell you a story. The tale is not only true, it's auto-biographical. I have mentioned in My blog to you before that I was born Dominant, and then circumstances and experiences conspired to only nudge Me that direction time and time again. For those with eyes to see, I showed the signs very early, too young to know to hide them all. 

My nature showed in My toys... how I chose them, how I kept them and of course how I used them. I never liked typical dolls, only getting into barbies a bit later. My first beloved toy was a plane, and I fantasized about all the exotic places We would go together, enjoying the feeling of ascending and descending... feeling it in My body as I took a very long time, the same amount of time it really takes, to climb to cruising altitude and then to come in for My landing. As I played in slow motion with My plane for hours, the focus and patience was too much for My playmates and this became a solo journey and activity of sorts for Me. I named My plane, a girl name. I personified it and other objects, perhaps in preparation for the later objectification of persons and pets.

Growing up in vast countryside and farmlands I had acres to play in, and made it very much My domain as I claimed region by region, naming them and using them for different activities. My Queendom. The next form of play I devised was with My cats. I would get them as kittens, and mold them into very submissive little lions and panthers who would allow Me to quite literally dress them up in clothes from discarded dolls. Understand that once dressed they were somewhat immobilized, they could not move nor escape Me nor the tiny outfits. I would then place them in My play baby pram and wheel them down the driveway and down the street for very long strolls just like mothers did with their new babies.
Though this might sound like animal cruelty, I assure you they always came back for more. Curiously, no one else, My sister nor other friends of Ours were ever able to replicate this game with My kitties.

Around this time I began to really escape into My Own head and I drew. I drew from My imagination and I replicated My favourite cartoon characters in loving detail. At the age of 5 My drawings of the Pink Panther and Road Runner were flabbergasting adults. At times it became unwelcome attention, and when I began to be asked to 'draw on command' I stopped abruptly and entirely. Instead I opted for toys that were like action figures of cartoon characters and My very favourite became a plastic Wile E. Coyote doll whose head was turnable as were his arms and legs adjustable. I meticulously cross-dressed him in a new outfit every day and then undressed him every night and he slept with Me naked. One morning, I awoke to dress him and Myself for a trip to the doctor. To My utter abject horror, his left arm broke, and I could not fix it. I kept it in the sleeve of his dress and I took him with Me to the doctor, telling My grandparents who were taking Me there that My doctor would fix him for Me.

I arrived for My checkup and immediately presented My injured toy to the doctor who delivered Me. He was a tall man, a large man, and he crouched down to My level and took Wile E. and examined him. "He broke his arm," he told Me... (not 'You broke his arm'). My doctor fetched a band-aid and secured his arm to his body. It was not as good as new... it was somehow better. I remember the flood of mixed emotions... this is permanent. I did not want a new doll or a replacement of this toy. I remember thinking, "I could have done that Myself, why didn't I think of that?" I took My fixed up toy home and never parted with him, never lost interest in him, in fact the opposite. He was special now, even more so, and none but Me need understand Our unique bond.

A couple of years passed and I was in elementary school. I always had one best friend who in retrospect was very submissive to Me and enjoyed being taken wherever I led them. Barbie dolls became a part of My play and I had a strange collection compared to My friends.
My dolls were mainly hand Me downs and so many of them were vintage 1960's barbies...the ones with cat eye makeup and real hair long curled lashes. They were stiffer and sexier than any of the others and I loved My dolls, even though some were given to Me under suspicious terms. A neighbour family had a son well into his teens who was spending all of his time playing with them, and fed up with his pass time or to punish him for something else, his mother came by and gave Me all of his gorgeous '60's barbie dolls. When I undressed them for the first time I was a little taken aback to discover the modifications he had made to them. Imagine My curiosity at finding tiny holes where nipples would be and a tiny slash between their legs. I wondered how this possibly enhanced them, and the next day at bath time I found out. Taking My favourite doll into the tub to wash her, she filled with water which ran out of the holes... her nipples shot a tiny stream of water as she peed herself. 

 If you were one of My barbie dolls, you would first receive and exotic name. After that, you would be given a specific task or role, such as cooking and preparing all the the drinks and meals. Perhaps you were a lawyer who worked and made lots of money only to come home to be stripped to underwear and sat on by other barbies. Performing barbies were fantastic singers and dancers who were all dressed up and put on shows to entertain the other barbies in the evening.
 The list goes on. 

Once your purpose was determined, I would select a wardrobe just for you with accessories. At night you would sleep either naked or in skimpy underwear and get packed away in your box, almost like a crate or a coffin, until it was time to be taken out and played with again, all for My amusement. Oh, and poor ken. He married one of My girls, but she was not happy with him and enlisted the help of lawyer barbie for a quick divorce. Then divorced barbie and lawyer barbie got married, and moved into the trailer ken had been living in, and he had to move out. Sometimes, he would come by and look in the windows and torture himself by watching his ex-wife and her new lady lover have wild sex all night long. Sometimes they yelled at him and chased him away. But sometimes, they knew he was there and that just made them act even kinkier and they would end up putting on a long and lurid show.

Sound familiar....?


Sunday, 22 April 2012


This post was created in response to those who would approach My body of work with all of the due diligence and effort of the serious minded student.

Ellechemy's Syllabus

The files are to be listened to in the order listed until the sub(ject) is comfortable with their understanding of the courseware. Each entry provides a direct link to the file in question. Easy, for example, links to the file "Easy".  For sessions written like this,  contact Me via email or twitter.

The links in this post will gradually be migrated over toward My new website, .The section headings currently include links to sections in My Library on that site.

While studying, subjects are strongly encouraged to invest time in the "Extra Credit" project for each course. Supplemental training materials are provided to facilitate mastery of the subject. Subjects are encouraged to take their Final Exam for each course after thorough training in that course, and then to study the exam extensively in preparation for the next course.

101: Erotic Hypnosis Basics

This course is intended to introduce the subject to erotic hypnosis, core concepts of submission, and encourage further learning.

Even More Obedient
Final Exam: Hypnophile
Extra Credit: Amore
Supplements: Intro Echo, sinking2wards_bottom

201: Service, Sexuality, and Submission

This course introduces the subject to more advanced explorations of the interplay between sexual pleasure, submission, and being of service.

Subdue Obey
Slave Mold

Into Orbit
Silver Vortex
Final Exam: Subsurface
Extra Credit: Submit4Success
Supplement: Sub Drop
Do Not Listen 

202: Anatomy Lessons

This course focuses on physical reeducation. The subject will learn more about male and female anatomy, the principles of biological responses, and how their sexuality will work when in submission.

Members Only
Final Exam: Shiver
Extra Credit: Svelte
Supplement: NVRENUF

301: Advanced Ellechemistry

This advanced elective course challenges the subject with deeper considerations of surrender and submission to Ellechemy. The subject may encounter unfamiliar themes or topics and is encouraged to engage this material as exploration of their own responses in submission.


Weak and Slutty
Supplement: Headset Fetish

302: Ethereal Ellechemistry 

The sessions which comprise this course are designed to allow for the subject to learn to temporarily leave the physical body behind. This course keeps the unrealizable fetish or fantasy in mind and paves the way for the psyche to be explored beyond the confines of the subject's current bio and physio limitations, and to thus experience subjugation of the spirit.


401: Colliquation

In this very advanced course of study the subject will explore the relationship between the body and the self, including expanding their identity to include inanimate objects or apparel as parts of their anatomy. 

Y.E.S.S: Your Every Second Skin 



Saturday, 11 February 2012



" The act and art of desiring something to the point of requiring it to be truly happy." 

This is how I define fetish now. I have read the dictionary definition countless times. I have experienced My fetish(es) pushed down and denied only to come back fuller and more potent than ever, as if making up for lost time. I have worked through and thus encountered many people whose fear of their partner's fetish(es) ate away at their self esteem and mind. What I believe now regarding a person's fetishizing is so much more simple, even charming. 

Often, a fetish is a part of something much larger... let's use the foot as an example. It is natural, healthy and progressive to 'break down' an overwhelming situation into many small pieces, in order to begin to approach dealing with it. I have come to recognize that the fetishists with triggers like this, 'a small part or portion of the whole', are actually very submissive... among the most devout, as they are so easily overwhelmed by the whole package. I can receive much better pleasure from a submissive serving Me if I permit them to start worshipping and enjoying their fetish first... then move them into any position I desire after. This has far better results than say.... using their fetish as a reward. The reward is transcending it... expanding the fetish, growing it... bringing more fetishes to the surface and the interplay including public play when safely encoded in an otherwise innocuous object.

Then we have the fetishes/ists that are very lengthy and involved... so much detail. I break these down, seeking for the smaller parts inside. This is a scenario... not a fetish. First comes the fetish, then comes the scenario... usually. When a scenario is so particular for someone that the likelihood of it going down as depicted is slim... I must address a 'topping from the bottom' issue. Not since My 'Pro Dom' days have I indulged this sort of scene with satisfaction. I feel the people who have a laundry list of particulars need to be prepared to pay...or at least pay it forward, and in advance. They are shopping. 

Fantasy and scenario differ... by My definition... because fantasy is more fluid, flexible and forgiving. Fantasy is episodic, returning to some similarities but not repeated word for word... there can be enough openness to explore a new path here and there. These definitions are not absolute ~ I basically recognize who is attracted to what and why... then I know how to push or pull their switches should I feel like engaging. This is such a bonding moment. When I do engage it is with all My heart. I have to feel a form of love for you if I am going to become concerned with what makes you truly happy... Luckily I have a lot to give. If love were currency, I would be a billionaire. 

All this talk of fetish... and I still have to confess Mine. Yes, I adore the appeal of rubber latex, sexy boots and shoes, blindfolds and beautiful bondage gear, stainless steel medical instruments, e- stim and electro-sex gear.... but My real fetish is this: Discovering and uncovering the fetishes of others. Getting deep into the heads of others, past the point of psychiatry/therapy... Yes, this gets Me off. Once I know yours, I am piqued in a most delightful and devious way. Perhaps it is also like taking one small part of you, knowing it through committed intensive exploratory and then moving on to learn more about the rest of the person. 

I do like to work from the inside out rather then the outside in. I enjoy the added challenge as I like it when the stakes are high. My interests and activities are so vast, so varied, that explains why almost any fetish is one I have explored. It didn't happen all at once. Things like water sports were anathema to Me for many years. Timing is everything. One thing I can say that I have also observed in others would have to be how hard a fetish will come back to the surface if pushed down or denied for long. And when that happens, your life may be changed so much more than just accepting it as part of you in the first place!

My other constant thoughts and feelings are regarding the fetishes of Our partners. To deny them and not accept them then not share this with them is nearing abusive. If you are so repelled, then give permission for them to still have time enjoying and exploring or else the quality of the relationship is doomed to mediocrity or worse. I really want to impress on people that sharing fantasies... that knowing what your partner is thinking about the moment of their orgasm... is a priceless thing. If a fetish is a perfect pearl in the oyster of your mind then how will you wear yours?


Saturday, 4 February 2012



I  know what My listeners want because have the capability to know what My listeners need. Some of you will be familiar with the term Remote Viewing, some will not. Since 2000 I have studied, practised and learnt the art and science behind "seeing beyond place and time" with exercises and lessons designed by the most successful Remote Viewers in existence. My journey into this has been as remarkable as it has because of what I remote view when I choose to do it. I am not looking for technical and medical information, as much as I am emotional and personal data. This might explain the apparent Mystical and Majical quality so many of you describe in My work, in Me. This could be the reason why I feel so synchronised with you... because I aim to and because I know a way to be so.

The very first exercise I did, based on military tests for psychic ability was this: to look at a shelf in a room for one minute, then close your eyes and recount and remember... see... everything there. After one minute I opened My eyes, and noticed immediately that where a blank file folder sat... I had seen a face. A strange grey green monster face. I was perplexed that I saw something that was not there, because I had been told that if anything, I would not be able to recall items. Seeing things that were not there was not going to happen for months and only if I practised often and rigorously. I crossed the room and moved the large white folder away. Behind it was a book of special edition Hallowe`en stamps... and on the cover was an illustration of Dracula`s face. I did not know it was there, but according to what practitioners of Remote Viewing tell us: our subconscious does know what is there. This is because someone else`s subconscious knows (the person who put it there) and all subconscious information is connected and accessible. This is the very condensed version.

Needless to say I was encouraged to continue with this practise. I never became discouraged if I missed a day of practise or study. I always picked up right where I left off. I splurged on Myself that Christmas and ordered a set of Remote Viewing audio cassettes that were very much like hypnosis sessions. I had to listen in order, I had to progress through them all, learning to leave My body... travelling anywhere, anytime (past. present or future) returning safely and cognisant of My experience.
I had countless incredible stories to tell, but I never did tell.... I kept a journal. If this becomes of interest to readers, I may open that journal and share more.

For Me, hypnosis is crafted after remote viewing what needs to be created. I want to be relevant and current, authentic and meaningful in your life and in My time.


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Which Came First..?

Which Came First ~ The Domme or the sub?

I grew up in a rural landscape, miles from any convienience stores, let alone urban centres. The television dependant on good weather and rabbit ear antenna function. Channel choices remained in the single digits until I was well into double digits of age. I had only My dreams to guide and entertain Myself and My younger sister as We navigated through acres of country unsupervised but always curfewed. Somehow as long as I was in bed on time, it made no difference how I spent My days. Oh, and I should mention that very good grades and manners were simply expected and I became a perfectionist and overachiever.

All of this to say, I had no introduction to the concepts of kink except dreams and urges from deep within My Self. I do not believe, I *know* that I am the Dominant who has been born, not made. Imagine the reactions of adults who heard an 8 year old declare that if they had a 6 letter
 personalized liscence plate it would read MSTRSS. Or how adults held their tongues as I explained I took up horse riding because of the crops and whips. When asked about marriage, I always said I wanted to be the husband and I wanted the man to be the wife. Yet I was far to feminine to ever be called a tomboy.

Eventually other stimuli was introduced and imagery discovered.... all of which secretly validated Me because I had already moved far, far past it. But that was still long after I had tied My first boyfriend up not really even knowing why, only to  find Myself more attracted to him once in bondage. That was well after I orchestrated mind games on the school yard, where boys found themselves humiliated one after another yet coming back for more... especially the boys who would try to kiss the girls without permission. I was always very strict about boys needing permission from girls, and taught this to My sister and Our best friends.

Somewhere along the way, I heard of certain acts like bondage. I remember feeling like I had to experience what it was like to be on the other side, the recieving end of what I was about to do in a big way to others... especially someone I cared for or wanted to be with. It truly was in that moment that I knew My true Self to be not simply kinky but Dominant... and yes, rather kinky as well. Being tied up only needed to happen the once for Me to realize that there were some things I only wanted to give, not receive. More experimentation was in order and I found willing subjects who ended up becoming clients and for a time I lived a double life as a Pro Domme. I had many friends in the sex trade but none into D/s or B/D or S&M. There was no internet yet and I submerged Myself into cultures in two different countries to explore and learn more.

I uncovered many many things I enjoyed giving...I sensed it would soon be time for Me to learn what I wanted to receive. Then a funny thing happened. I was asked to do something that repulsed Me for a client into extreme humiliation scenarios. I reflexively charged way more instead of saying 'No' and told him how fucked up he was to even ask for such a thing. Part of Me was worried and certain he would just go to someone else who might injure him permanently were I to decline. There was an inner struggle of 'who is really going to be in charge here' especially if I am doing something that I wouldn't have ever wanted to do. In that moment I saw how differently things would be for Me if I could not find a very real way in which to maintain power and control over My subjects at all times. I didn't have a map, but a feeling which I let guide Me. I wanted to receive the power from them by learning what they wanted and needed above all else... and show them how low they would go to taste it. I practiced a very healthy form of dissociation which eventually led to another chain of pursuits: Psychology, Self Hypnosis, NLP and Remote Viewing. In the initial disconnect with a personality structured to function in a warped (to Me) society where lies and half truths are demmanded of Us... and leap of faith... I found something within Myself that illuminated every dark corner I ever had.

If you have ever tried something new only to discover an instant and natural talent for it... a gift.... then you will be able to relate to My first forays into the subjects listed above. Being experienced with trusting My gut and having faith in things unproveable to others, I had no real barriers preventing Me from uncovering more mysteries of the human mind and potential. There was no burden of proof to anyone other than Myself that this might turn into a tool or technique I would use when I felt it appropriate to do so. And there it is revealed for all with eyes to see it: I may react to your submissive needs, I may be drawn into your own personal psychodrama and I might even respond to your humble request(s)... but it will be at My discretion, and based on My needs, whims and mood at that very moment. As I often say, "Timing is everything". I came forth as a Dominant, Feminine, Alpha Female and the boys and men and even women and girls fell over themselves to get Me to notice them. They love the way it feels to receive My attention and encouragement of their submissive serving natures. It's what they are good at and I simply bring out the best in them. Experience, of which I have plenty, is a true teacher. In My case, I will always come first, and you... if you even get to come at all, know that it will be after Me.


Wednesday, 18 January 2012


We are going to face pain in our lifetimes and that seems inevitable. Whether it is pain borne of discipline or the pain of regret, somehow the beauty which surrounds us makes it all worthwhile. Pleasure makes us want and pain makes us move.  I have come to appreciate a mix of both, for what is  more powerful and effective than a good idea put into action. When acted upon, desire transforms, empowers and then reveals Me to My Self.

Synergy is defined as: the working together of two things to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. This speaks of value, of quality and of prize. In a life where we face a finite and limited amount of time... synergy is the definition of working smarter not harder. Quality wins versus quantity because:  None of us have all the time in the world to do all of the things we would.

Examples of synergy are all around us. The one I found in the dictionary was the combined use of muscles and use of drugs to increase the effects of either. This made Me smirk... of course. Sometimes 2 + 2 = 5 ... or more. In hypnosis, My aesthetic and artistic approach to getting intense responses in a wide spectrum of subjects, some of whom I have not even met, absolutely exploits these methods.

Even when we find something we really like, do we need to exclude other options or variations on the winning theme? Combinations involving our main fetish stand to really bend our linear and limited thinking. If we get lost in a ritual, our imaginations and dreams are isolated and die while creativity is held in a prison of regret. Therefore I challenge you to find a new way to make up and act on synergistic living. I do, every day.

Pain and Pleasure. Creating with these twin sensations, I work to mix and blend them into something new yet more than either combined. Folding the contrasting sensations together is part of My recipe for an encounter so sublime it quickly becomes addictive. Oh, and it is so addictive, but it sustains you. A true trap of endless variety and experience to hold you in its arms until you realize, understand and admit these arms are more like tentacles and you sought them out in darkness and in depths at every opportunity.