Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Stage is Set for the HypnoDomme ~ Beware the Trap Door

Imagine an event so global that your kinky little corner of the Internet is suddenly awash with the curious and the contemptuous, everything from the person who just discovered they have this kink and are looking to understand it to the worst trolls 4chan has to offer.

Later this year when Danny Boyle's film 'Trance' hits the theatres searches and interest in hypnosis, especially female hypnotists, is going to spike hard.

The film has it's initial release in the UK in March and the North American will surely follow, because it's Danny Boyle. This is multiple Oscar winning, never had a flop, Danny Boyle. This is a director who produced a zombie movie that the critics actually took seriously.

THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO THIS COMMUNITY BEFORE ~ No one here has ever seen anything like this before. I know people who have been on the front lines of this kind of event. The invite to a prime time talk show fast becomes the viral Facebook meme everybody is laughing about. Are you ready to see your face with an insulting caption? Show of hands, who wants to be the next star wars kid?

So , okay, then what do we do to prepare knowing what is headed our way? This is a good time to ask what you do and do not want to be seen. Regularly scrubbing your social media is a good idea anyway, and even better now. Think of it as Spring Cleaning. Consider making what you can make private or limited access where the option exists. Inraptured has fairly robust privacy features which many of us have been neglecting.

Putting your best face or foot forward is something We all want to do anyway. Many of Us assume We are doing that, but there is always room for improvement. Don't think about whether or not you can improve: Find something to improve. When public interest swings in Our direction We will be the ambassadors for these interests. Think about how your interest in this got started and how many connections or leaps you had to make to arrive at Femme Domme hypnosis. This is a movie about Femme Domme hypnosis. Let Me point out that Rosario Dawson has worn the Dominatrix boots more than a few times. Casting Her in this role tells Us loud and clear that there are Femme Domme elements in this feature.

There will be gawkers. There will be hecklers. There will also be a lot of people encountering interests they don't entirely understand. This wave of attention will contain new subjects and hypnotists alike. This flood will not drown Us but lift Us if We are ready to swim.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Interview with a Hypno Domme

Recently one of My devoted fans wrote Me requesting an interview/Q&A session. I agreed on the condition that it would be published here. Their write-up of the interview follows.

No doubt Ellechemy is one of the sexiest prettiest most seductive Hypnodommes out there. I think the one thing that stands out most is that she enjoys it as much as I/We like listening to her silky voice. I have been curious about so many aspects of her life both mainstream & the fetish world, it's impossible to ask everything in one session but here we go.

Dakota: I just went back & listened to I think it's called N Slaved, I forgot how much I liked that one, hope you do a follow up or something similar. 

Ellechemy: "That session was inspired. I feel that 'n.slaved' and 'slave_mold' will both get sequel sessions. My subjects have spoken and they want even more. These are files with solid foundations on which I can easily build and develop. If you follow the Syllabus which is broken into a training series, you will notice that I do build on each session. One of My first free files 'subdue_obey' has just gotten a for-pay follow up called 'Weak & Slutty'. In My mind, a true follow up session needs to tribute the original and then stay true to that induction style."

D: How many tattoos do you have & what are they of & what do they mean or represent to you???

E: "My first was a tribal octopus design on My shoulder. The symbolism of the octopus is something anyone can google, but I also loved the spirals at the end of each tentacle of the Mycenaean glyph. I have since been told by more than one First Nation person that the octopus is My spirit animal ~ and that this is extremely rare. I waited several years for the next tattoo which I drew up Myself... a set of matchsticks on My forearms. The symbolism to a tattoo only grows with time as We see more meaning behind the decision. The matchsticks are there to remind to 'carpe diem' and to cease procrastination. I had also noticed that My natal chart was heavy on the air, earth and water signs but light on the fire signs, so I literally wanted more fire in My life. The largest of My tattoos is a winged panther from hip to knee, for protection. It took a 6 hours of fine then bold outlining which I wore for one year before getting another 5 hours of colouring in and shading done to complete it. I could get more dark blue dusted into it, perhaps one day. My last piece of ink is a large rose above My ankle, outlined but not coloured in. The rose was done by another apprentice who I was learning with at the time, and We did Our first tattoo on each other. I do not call Myself a tattoo artist ~ I simply spent 3 years of spare time here and there apprenticing because it was one of those things I wanted to learn how to do. That setting was good for Me to be in. I also picked up several scarring and branding techniques and love to use My cautery pen on willing submissives in an intimate setting. If you've been branded by Me, you know I like you."

D: Are you single, divorced, etc.... straight or bi????

E: "I have always known I was bisexual. I have probably spent more time in serious committed relationships with women than with men, until recently. In the summer of 2011 I met a very special submissive male on Inraptured. Though I had previously been proposed to 3 different times in My life, this was My first marriage and I proposed to him. The work that went into Our being together, a successful international marriage, was proof positive that We are good together. We are a great team. I will always love Inraptured for this dream come true."

D: What do you do for a living???

E: "That is a huge secret. I will say that I am an artist (of a rather technical kind) and also an instructor of applied fine arts. I have won awards for My work, and am semi-infamous locally for it. Though I can dress and express Myself pretty much any way I like, I have chosen to project a certain level of professionalism which does not include Me coming right out and tell you what I wish I could about My career. I will say that your mind would be blown because My job is that cool. "

D: Where exactly do you live/ no address needed, not a stalker!!!!!!!! What is it like hot cold really cold, suburbs or city or are you a country girl???
E: " I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I was born here, grew up in the country an hour east of the city, but moved right downtown after high school. After a few years of art college/university in Vancouver, I moved to Toronto and resided there for 4 years. That was back when I was doing massage therapy, another trade I apprenticed to learn and spent 5 years doing that. I loved it there but I came back here to pursue art full time.

I love the snow and the mountains in the winter, and the storms and colours of fall, and the oceans and smells of spring and summer. I do walk a lot and frequently at night. It's safe here and My imagination comes alive at night time. The West Coast, the Pacific rain forest, it's to lush and ripe for Me to be away from long. I could see Myself living anywhere in the world, or I could see Myself just staying here forever."

D: Do you Smoke, Drink????

E: "I can say with pride that My husband and I will be one year free from smoking this coming May. I still enjoy smoking the very odd cigarette, clove cigarette or joint. I do drink, but these days a little goes a long way ~ usually. I have a growing appreciation for wine, and am keeping a wine journal. I have never yet been to a winery, but plan to. I would love a slave-run winery, lol. I like alcohol, and love discovering new concoctions. My sister and I invented a Christmas drink. White Hot Chocolate + Gold Schlager = a White Gold Digger. It's a fantastic indulgent beverage that you should really only have one of. So, you didn't specifically ask, but I have more than experimented with a variety of drugs. That could be it's own blog post. I used drugs in the past to get to different states of awareness and always found My way in and out so as to revisit those states when I found them useful. With time, the drugs themselves became unnecessary. I believe My brain produces more DMT than normal, so I never used that drug. I am who I am because of those early experiences."

D: Do you have any pets not including humans???????? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

E: "As a young girl I always had a cat. I had the best dog ever whom I got as a puppy, but after 3 years she got a rare cancer and needed to be put down. That was a relationship, and 2 years after her passing I am still not ready to replace her. I do think about getting a fish tank. Right now, I have a family of 3 raccoons that visit regularly, a black cat who comes by to ask for food (yes, I feed him) and so many birds from blue jays to bushtits to flickers, and downy and pileated woodpeckers, hummingbirds and an owl.  I have a seed feeder and a suet feeder so as long as I keep them topped up I get a lot of avian action. In Toronto, I had a 36 bird aviary, mostly finches and doves. They would have babies who I would hand rear. That was awesome."

D: In your everyday life are quiet, shy or are you jumping on the table needing attention????

E: "I am not an outright attention seeker, but between My artistic talent and My personal style I always seem to get more than enough. If anything I play it low key, under the radar, and discreet. Understated. When I have the room's attention, I shine, for sure. I do like to make eye contact with people when I talk to them, though I know that I am extremely intimidating! Between My vast knowledge of My craft(s), My wisdom, My empathy, and My feminine power, I seem to terrify people on a daily basis. Imagine if they knew about My hypnosis, NLP and remote viewing activity! When I first started teaching, I would make students cry, though mostly for feeling they had let Me down. I had to quickly learn how to not do that, dispensing with the unnecessary drama.

As a young girl with long chestnut auburn hair, ivory lightly freckled skin, hazel eyes with dark lashes, and having physically developed years early, I was often mistaken for older, spoken to and treated like a 20 year old when I was still 14. I learnt to observe and listen early in life. "

D: What is your favourite fetish to be part of or to watch people in???

E: "I would have to say My ultimate fetish is mind fucking, including mind control, soft and hard interrogation, abduction, dosing, and most medical scenarios especially involving latex. I have said that I am into complete psychological subjugation. I also have a transformation fetish and am into nonconsenual consent. My mood dictates, and I also crave red lipstick, leather, silky stockings, and stiletto heels. Luckily there are submissive for all seasons. Recently I have enjoyed ruining slaves for regular vanilla sex and giving golden showers. I have always been a voyeur."

D: FYI, I have a foot fetish & High heels black stockings, not on me though. Hoping to see more pictures of you in them.

E: "Done. I think I have the same fetish, btw. I have received some fantastic stockings and heels as gifts recently and they need to be documented. I am looking at possibly starting a tumblr account for all the upcoming photos."

D: What is your favourite session????

E: That is a hard question and you know it. It's usually the one in My head that needs to be recorded next.It may be worth mentioning that I really like the short and sweet 'do_not_listen' recording, because it's a trap.

D: You mentioned "videos". Is that a typo or are you going to do videos or have I missed some of your work along the way?

E: "I have a YouTube channel where I've been posting a collection of short videos. If you search for Miss Ellechemy you will find it. My 2013 goals include producing longer videos of hypnotic content. I do enlist help with editing the videos, so they are a collaborative effort to produce. Many times what I record is a challenge to edit later, the main issue being constant good lighting. More gear is being procured to satisfy My creative urge, so given time, people will get to see even more of Me on YouTube. "

Do you have any questions for a future Q&A with Ellechemy? Send them to with the subject "Questions" .