Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sink Whole

I am handling the release of My newly completed mp3, "Wet",  in a different way. I know that most of you will follow where I lead so unquestioningly that it makes sense for Me to view my suggestions from the subject's vantage, to anticipate how it will impact them should it be accepted without hesitation or filters. That care and precision on My part bids Me discuss this file for the listener before releasing it, as much about My intent and design as its content.

This file is not based on humiliation or degradation. I have a number of files dealing with those topics in My own unique way. This is not role-play or age-play. I am not now and will likely not ever be interested in those topics. This file is instead about a deeply challenging level of acceptance. In My own experience of being hypnotized there come moments when involuntary versus voluntary bodily functions divide My concentration, breaking an otherwise impenetrable hypnotic spell. As I always do when faced with "what-if" questions, I performed thorough experiments on My closest slave and carefully distilled the data to create something uniquely suitable to My requirements.

What I discovered in those experiments was a hygienic, safe, discrete, and easy way to mind fuck My subject's brain while slowly crushing some of the deepest bastions of self-control. I discovered ways to inspire degrees of submission and self-erosion that were simply not possible without a subject surrendering those very basic illusions of autonomy. Imagine putting on a comfy pair of disposable underpants before getting ready to relax so deeply that in all likelihood you might dribble or you may not want to have to try to stop yourself from doing anything, even wetting. What do you think it would be like for you, if the next time you prepared to go so deeply into the trance that you had taken precautions so as to not have to waste one tiny bit of concentration on not having an accident?

Wearing a diaper (or even a catheter) doesn't mean you will use it. It only means you won't have to worry about your bladder distracting you from more important things, like listening to Me. This alone could increase your ability to focus, to concentrate deeply on My words. After trying this even one time a subject could experience dramatic and noticeable improvement. They may see small improvement, and there I should remind you that Olympic gold is won in fractions of a second. Improvement is always good, and always pleases Me.

The intention of this file is to break a barrier inside you, one put there early in life to protect you. Now, with careful guidance, you can give and receive pleasure pushing those barriers or having them stroked, prodded, or pushed by a powerful, loving entity. If you want to feel humilated at any point in this experience, you have My permission. If you do not want to feel humiliation, you have My permission.

It may help to think of this as a medical procedure. I will have you exposed, vulnerable, and helpless to prevent the deep, invasive changes I will create with surgical precision. How you feel about this procedure has no bearing on whether or not it will happen. If it frightens you, it will happen. If it arouses you, it will happen. If it does neither, it will happen.

It may help to imagine this procedure happening to someone else. Imagine as I enter the procedure area. I put My beta subject into a thickly padded, form-fitting, fully adjustable diaper.  I do this for their safety. I tell them to drink the large glass of water I hand them. I do this for their well-being. I tuck them in deeply with sleep headphones and start playing "Wet". I do this to improve them.

For the next 15 minutes My voice and thoughts will infiltrate their mind until they are fully able to give themselves over to the important sensation of being touched. Touch is so important to people, and I want My subjects to be well-cared for, well-nourished on touch. My subjects realize how much they need touch, and how well I understand the importance of touching, pressing, caressing such helpless minds and bodies. This understanding is so important that I put the file on repeat.

Once a subject has experienced such a delicate and surgical undoing of their psyche, they may have a period of enthrallment with the method or the process. They might fall in love anew with the possibilities they themselves contain to delight and shock after such a profound and easy surrender of voluntary function. It might be exciting to have such a secret, or it might be more thrilling to confess it all to Me sometime after. Either way, it doesn't matter to Me what you think about it, as you will know you have crossed a threshold you will remember forever. Whatever you may think about it, it will happen.