Monday, 5 January 2015

A Ring of Truth

I have been thinking, as I often do, in symbolic terms about the day to day lives of My chastity slaves. There are many devotees of Ellechemy who have entered or who wish to enter into a vow of chastity for Me.

Chastity can be short term or long term. It can be playful or it can be punishment. It can involve a cage or belt that truly locks, even with piercings for added security... and it can even be enforced via hypnotic mind control.

The reasons, the benefits and the ways to make such a vow are as varied as the backgrounds and desires of the individual. Ultimately the decision is made and an agreement between Key Holder and slave is reached. A promise is made.

Here we come to the part of being a Key Holder that really interests and excites Me. The promise. I am a visual person. I embrace symbols and sigils for their power to remind the conscious mind and to transform the unconscious or the psyche of a subject, Myself included. When a promise is made, a visual or tangible object intended to remind and reinforce one's commitment becomes a very precious thing. A chastity cage or belt is far too functional to be purely symbolic. The key to the lock is both functional and symbolic, however... the chaste slave is not the one who holds the key. The chaste slave often deeply desires such a prominent emblem. A badge of honor, if you will.

From now on, those subjects who desire to experience any sort of chastity promise or play with Me will be required to have a PURITY ring that fits on the ring finger of either their left or right hand. Once the terms of abstinence are agreed to and the period begins, the subject will wear their PURITY ring for the duration. Unlike the caged, belted, locked or otherwise controlled portion of property, this PURITY ring can be displayed at all times without debilitating social consequences. There will be debilitation, that I promise you, but it can remain our little secret.

After you have obtained a suitable ring, which may or may not have words on it, you will wear the ring ONLY while in chastity. If you take off the ring for any reason, that is fine, however you may feel a strong desire not to. As a proudly owned slave, you will naturally always want to wear it.

Now this brings Me to the rule which is above all the most important to Me. That is, that you may not wear the ring while pleasuring yourself. No exceptions. If you are given permission to come out of the cage for cleaning, and you are only cleaning and not stimulating yourself for pleasure, the PURITY ring may remain on your finger. If you are wearing a cage or not, and whether or not you have permission to masturbate, you will remove the PURITY ring. Those are My orders and, subsequently, My last word on the subject.

Even if you, as a distance slave, have a slip up, you may be forgiven and even discover redemption because you still observed the rules of the PURITY ring. If you were to ever masturbate, even slightly, while wearing your PURITY ring, then you will know without a doubt that you have transgressed in a way that will reveal with absolute certainty what you are not.

As every subject, submissive or slave of Mine has ever done during the course of service to Me, you will find yourself wondering if you have pleased Me. Well, if you are able to observe this ritual of PURITY surrounding your chastity, then the answer will be Yes. If you are not able to, then simply know for yourself that you have neither pleased Me nor disappointed Me. I simply care not, or rather, I am not in a position to ever take your vow more seriously than you.

My chosen slaves are incredible human beings who bring much joy and satisfaction to My life. They challenge Me to be more than I already am, without challenging My authority for it's own sake. True submissives always have a place at My feet and will always be duly rewarded knowing without a doubt that they have done well.