Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dedicated to Ellechemy

The most often asked question of Me is, "what can I do to please you?" I hope it comes as no surprise that My answer to this question changes. I am in a pleasant and constant conscious state of flux, mostly because I aspire to always learn a little more and improve or at least maintain every day I am alive. This is a quality I admire in Myself and likewise, love to see and cultivate in you. So prepare yourself for a subversive and intellectual journey which you could ride out for over a month. As your patient Muse, I have been waiting for just such an opportunity to discreetly trigger you in a long term yet temporary kind of way. I have it, and am announcing it right here. Right now.

I want you to take a nice long look at this link. 

I want you to imagine doing this, and doing so with the knowledge and understanding you are not doing it for anyone but for Me, because I told you to. Now, every moment of preparation, research, day dreaming and writing, and perhaps even editing will all be done as devotional worship to Me. The best part of this disciplined endeavour is not just that your writing and vocabulary may improve (I read your letters to Me, trust Me there is room to ascend), the best part of this is that you can announce your month of dedication to improved literacy and follow-through to any and every body and no one but Us will know the true motive. 

Twisted, isn't it. Now, I have no intention of telling you what the subject or style of your novel dedicated (publicly or privately) to Me  ought to be, but I would be willing and able to approve an idea for you should you desire that. It need not be erotic and in fact, perhaps it shouldn't be. It need not be great nor worthy of publishing, turning you into an author isn't the point. Improving your writing and communication skills is the upshot for Me, the One who reads your lovingly written messages, sometimes daily. Some of My dear smitten subjects have wonderful prose ~ they too could benefit from a month of steady productive creativity. 

When not involved with things hypnotic, I am an Artist and instructor of applied arts. This conditioning will bring you closer to Me in ways I can foresee even if you cannot. This is one of the reasons it is so easy and natural for you boys and girls to trust Me and let Me in. Embarking on the creative process does things to Us which We cannot prepare nor plan for. Which brings Me to another point. We will be cheating a little bit. The point of Novel Writing Month is to jump in with both feet starting and finishing in one month, with no prep and no delay. By announcing My challenge early, you have nearly 3 weeks of a head start and an edge.

If it were Me, (and no, I will not be participating this year, I have a blog to focus on) I would prepare by telling people around Me who might be inclined to make demands of My time during November, as well as friends and family who will be supportive and encouraging. Getting a writing desk or place ready to work at that is comfortable and free from distraction will be necessary as well as looking at a calendar and making sure to make the time. Some time spent doing research and background reading always helps Me start a new project. Set some realisable short term goals for productivities' sake.

Will you be doing your story writing at a computer, pen and paper, dictation or all of the above? Sometimes I reward Myself in advance with a new blank book or smooth writing pen. I adore My chrome fountain pen from a devoted fan and ever since switching to it, I feel I have raised My writing to the level of My tool. It makes Me apply Myself effectively and masterfully to My projects and that has been especially rewarding.

I patiently wait to see how powerful of a Muse I truly am with you, dear obedient reader, and hope to be impressed with your word count. I know I usually say quality before quantity, but this is certainly an exception. Don't spend even a moment worried about how good your finished novel will be or not, it is not being created with the intention of selling it, because the only thing you need to ensure is that it gets started and finished for Me. Like My hypnotic audio sessions... the day I stopped wondering if they would be good enough was the day I figured out how to upload them for free. I am not exaggerating when I say getting the nerve to do so changed My life for the better and re-wrote My future.

With deeply hypnotic kisses, eye-fucking and permanent blessings, I set you to it. 

Literally yours, 



  1. Ellechemy,

    This is s brilliant idea and National Novel Writing Month is something I've contemplated since hearing about it (too late) last year. I will indeed embark on the adventure and we'll see what comes of it!

  2. I like this idea so very much!

    I am stating right here and now that I shall be participating. Thank you, Mistress, for such an interesting task!