Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Paying the Piper: On Money and Power

If you follow My work, you might have noticed that I am not One to issue titles to Myself. I do not declare Myself a Goddess, a Mistress or a Lady. I have described My persona as being Dominant and Hypnotic, and after recording several FemDom Hypnosis sessions and developing a loyal tribe of fervent followers, I have accepted the HypnoDomme title with pleasure and even pride. It is a different sort of delight than the kind experienced the first time someone called Me a Dominatrix, or even Humiliatrix. I felt fully capable of acting on My deepest urge to reduce an admirer to less-than-human status... to the level of the filth ground into the bottom of My boot, or the smell between My sweaty toes after wearing patent leather footwear for hours.

My comfort level with My sexuality and the corresponding contrasting sexuality of those drawn inexplicably to Me was also never a problem. One might say quite accurately that I could smell a potential 'victim' coming from a distance and that as they neared, My very Dominant personality emerged fast and strong. It was drawn out easily when not fully engaged. I never backed down when questioned or pushed, either. In fact, I am exceptional under pressure as it turns out. So, no surprise that I had a bedroom/dungeon for several years set up before I hit 20 years of age. And no surprise that I demanded and received hundreds of dollars an hour to remain fully and fetishistically clothed as I literally talked down to men without ever even touching them. Not unless I wanted to. 

When the day arrived that I knew I could truly, deeply, effectively hypnotize... I could not wait to record My first session and see what subjects reported back. It escalated fast to a point where people were either asking Me what they could do to serve Me, or asking Me to make My work available for sale. I didn't want a tax nightmare to unfold, and I didn't want My dear hobby and sexy pass time to become a job. The truth is: My real life and career is way more dramatic and fascinating than anyone knows. (Ok, 2 of you know...) I make fantastic pay doing what I do, and am known far and wide for it. There is a definite professional aspect to My career, and therefore I use a clever pseudonym to record under. I think it describes Me and My philosophy rather aptly. Ellechemy.

I could quite literally quit My day job and just do the HypnoDomme thing, but then I would have to make a certain quota each month to pay the bills. I don't want to do that. Sometimes, I get breaks from work and I have more time to devote to My devotees ~ win win... you have been beyond supportive. I have opened the channels to receive your gifts and donations which has allowed Me to maintain My lifestyle when I am not working as much or when I say no to a gig because I want to spend more time recording.

The more time I spend reading your communications to Me, the more I am faced with the question: "What can i do for you, Ellechemy?" Hmmmm, the answer always comes down to' "Not much, because I am here and you are... Not." I could use a massage, a pedicure or a visit to that chic new hair salon. I could really use a nice meal delivered or a night out where I am not the designated driver. How about My expenses covered for a week so that I can record and edit a new file and put it out for free, not even having to answer those calls for work? Perhaps a donation to a beloved charity. Oh, wait, I can make you do that. Mmmmm. So hot...*sigh*

I do what I do because *I L*O*V*E IT* ~ and those donations that you send to Me are assisting My master plan of addicting and enslaving you in My decadent domain. Some people have declared any form or style of financial domination unhealthy, dangerous, or destructive. I find Myself thinking about how often subjects write to me to say how guilty they feel about the demands they try to make on My time. I wonder how these two opinions could exist in the same head. If any sort of financial offering is dangerous, what about obsessions driven by guilt? Or, perhaps worse, the pretense of submission to mask entitlement? The many threads of desire and power that weave through these thoughts and exchanges are easily tangled, and there are enough "submissives" that are actually demanding, petulant, passive-aggressive dominants that it's an old cliche.

 The truth, the reality and the fact remains that the best possible way to tribute Me, to keep Me going and growing as a HypnoDomme is simply to give Me financial support and encouragement. As I once said, "When you gift Me you are retroactively worshipping Me all the hours it took to make that money." Perfect. If you never have, can or plan to ever do this, that is fine.  I have never heard from a fan saying something like, "i have been enjoying your free files for a while, and get off on the fact that they are so good and that i am giving you nothing back for all that you have given me." Though I don't attract that often, I have heard that kind of ass bouncing down the road after I slammed the door.

There are other ways to demonstrate your appreciation. A devotee could spend their time giving feedback and reviewing My work, doing research projects for Me, etc. But before you zip over to Wikipedia with a hard-on and a mission, think about it. This still requires Me to spend one on one time investing in you. This is a "gift" that requires Me to take time, energy, and attention unwrapping it. A wise person knows the difference between the gift that is needed and the gift they want to give. If you are not willing to give Me a moment of genuine consideration, and thus insure that what follows is truly a gift, then you probably don't truly desire to be controlled in any and every possible way.

But wait, deluded and drowsy devotee, it's not as simple as giving, either.

If you only send cash to a Hypno Domme for a session, then you are always expecting something in return and you must not ever claim to be an unselfish slave. Same goes for those who are not willing to make any kind of financial sacrifices for their Dominant while at the very same time expecting Her to present Herself in a way which costs time and money. I make between $38-$50/hour at My day job. I have learned that, as a Hypno Domme, I can count on subjects often underestimating the amount of time I have to invest in a given session, or even in replying to incoming mail. It isn't ever going to be desirable to Me, a Dominant Alpha Female, to take a pay cut to fulfill your fantasy One on one. And I'm not even sorry.

I am ridiculously proud of the fact that I can support Myself so well as an artist. Fuck, that is an achievement I always knew I would attain, even when I didn't know how it would happen. I can't spend time with individuals who are blind to My value. I can't keep My magnificent mouth closed either after seeing one too many comments about how FinDom is unhealthy or a dangerous addiction. This begs a wicked pile of questions about pots and the color of kettles.

Is a fetish an addiction? I think it's something different. If you have never given a desirable Woman some of your hard earned cash *of your own volition* then you have no idea how satisfying, gratifying and/or arousing it can be for you and for Her. I have experienced the distinct pleasure and thrill of humiliating a man upon receiving his money or his gifts. I have been aroused in teasing and captivating submissives who pay tribute Me in such a way. I have given love and I have blackmailed ~ all perfectly consensual. I have had these kinds of relationships with wealthy patrons and starving students because I had something equally valuable to give back. I listen, I hear. I love and I nurture. I understand and unabashedly claim what I get. I have been behind more than one man's (as well as woman's) financial success, which is a far cry from the myth that this practice will ruin you financially. What kind of successful, intelligent Alpha Female is going to kill Her golden egg laying goose? Have you even ever tasted goose?

I will never release a Financial Domination session and put it out there for free. My traps are always clearly labeled. I will encourage you to give thanks or demonstrate the gratitude you claim, sometimes to your detriment, sometimes to your benefit. I will never call Myself a Financial Dominant nor a FinDom.
The reason being, I have way way WAY too many fetishes to settle on one which would potentially alienate My loyal listeners who have helped Me improve as an artist with their generous, constructive, positive feedback. There is an Art to this fetish which I can not claim to have exhausted. Maybe one day when I find Myself behind the wheel of a brand new luxury automobile, that will change... until then, you can find Me drifting around corners in My black, stock 1979 Datsun 280 ZX, which by the way, could use a new set of RIM$.


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