Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Gates of Elle - Part I

"Nature does not care that you are comfortable, only that you evolve." 
                                                                                            --Harville Hendrix

Do you know the scenario where a password is needed to enter through a door, and the password is given by the hopeful entrant, only to be informed that was the password last week. What is it today? Well, that's a lot like you trying to discover what My desires are at any given moment. Trying to guess something like that can put one out of their comfort zone pretty swiftly. In the interest of working smarter, not harder, I am going to lay down some laws right here, right now, for would-be servants of Mine.

I mean it when I say I love making the world more submissive, one subject at a time. I am a Woman with a vast number of interests and perversely diverse tastes. I have both extreme patience and know how and when to pounce. I was always this way, and embracing that has resulted in the refinement of My methods to an exacting degree early on.

This is best kept in mind when approaching Me for consideration, especially so for those with aspirations to train with Me. As instructors go, I am more comparable to a university professor than a high school teacher because I do not take attendance nor do I go out of My way to punish you for non compliance. I always have a full theater of eager pupils and they always get My full attention. Presenting yourself to Me, being patient and paying attention to what I tell you shows Me your respect. When there are too many variables to make general assumptions, I look on this as a blessing for individuality and creativity. What this means to you, is; the more diverse your own fetish portfolio is, the more chance of an overlap with My needs, wants and desires.

If you are not genuine in wanting to serve Me, I will know immediately. The lessons begin before We ever talk. Once learned and demonstrated, a subject may be directed or may inquire into applying to become My servant. Expressing interest in becoming Mine does not necessarily incline Me one way or the other. Acceptance is Mine to give or deny. These things will always hold as the process, once commenced, unfolds as follows:

- Application -
 Exactly 359 words because I say so.
Name 2 things you would want to do for Me, and 3 that you would not.
Tell Me your desired frequency and nature of contact.
Explain why Me and not someone else - use no flattery nor compliments
 in answering this question.

- Selection -
Application will be reviewed and approved.
Assessment of compatibility.
I have determined you to be fit for Testing.

- Testing - 
Hypno-Susceptibility Test.
Emotional Intelligence.
- Training -
 Hypnotic Syllabus.
 Additional course materials.
Field Trip.
One-on-one interview.

- Acceptance - 
Into trial period,
 to be determined at My discretion.
Register as My servant - link given at My discretion.

- Commitment - 
Separate set of essay questions.
Enter long term arrangement.
Subject will be working toward a very special graduation day.
(day unknown to subject).

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