Saturday, 4 February 2012



I  know what My listeners want because have the capability to know what My listeners need. Some of you will be familiar with the term Remote Viewing, some will not. Since 2000 I have studied, practised and learnt the art and science behind "seeing beyond place and time" with exercises and lessons designed by the most successful Remote Viewers in existence. My journey into this has been as remarkable as it has because of what I remote view when I choose to do it. I am not looking for technical and medical information, as much as I am emotional and personal data. This might explain the apparent Mystical and Majical quality so many of you describe in My work, in Me. This could be the reason why I feel so synchronised with you... because I aim to and because I know a way to be so.

The very first exercise I did, based on military tests for psychic ability was this: to look at a shelf in a room for one minute, then close your eyes and recount and remember... see... everything there. After one minute I opened My eyes, and noticed immediately that where a blank file folder sat... I had seen a face. A strange grey green monster face. I was perplexed that I saw something that was not there, because I had been told that if anything, I would not be able to recall items. Seeing things that were not there was not going to happen for months and only if I practised often and rigorously. I crossed the room and moved the large white folder away. Behind it was a book of special edition Hallowe`en stamps... and on the cover was an illustration of Dracula`s face. I did not know it was there, but according to what practitioners of Remote Viewing tell us: our subconscious does know what is there. This is because someone else`s subconscious knows (the person who put it there) and all subconscious information is connected and accessible. This is the very condensed version.

Needless to say I was encouraged to continue with this practise. I never became discouraged if I missed a day of practise or study. I always picked up right where I left off. I splurged on Myself that Christmas and ordered a set of Remote Viewing audio cassettes that were very much like hypnosis sessions. I had to listen in order, I had to progress through them all, learning to leave My body... travelling anywhere, anytime (past. present or future) returning safely and cognisant of My experience.
I had countless incredible stories to tell, but I never did tell.... I kept a journal. If this becomes of interest to readers, I may open that journal and share more.

For Me, hypnosis is crafted after remote viewing what needs to be created. I want to be relevant and current, authentic and meaningful in your life and in My time.



  1. this is a fasinating subject which is new to me. i am very familiar with hypnosis, and it's effects, also, i have a passing interest in astral project. I will look out for further posts, thankyou for sharing this

  2. Though I don't have practical experience what remote viewing concerns, I was interested in the subject some thirty years ago from a more scientific and philosophical point of "remote" view. I strongly believe that we are all connected to eachother and to everything in this or either way. Like through the morphogenetic field for instance. In this field I do have some practical experience and I begin to wonder if remote viewing is just one application of it.
    Dear Miss Ellechemy, I am very eager to know more about Your journal, if of course You choose to have the kindness to let us know.

  3. ~ Elle,
    i would love to hear/read more about Your incredible stories, not for a moment incredible to me.

  4. Elle, injoin those who woul like to know more about Your thoughts and experiences relating to remote viewing