Saturday, 11 February 2012



" The act and art of desiring something to the point of requiring it to be truly happy." 

This is how I define fetish now. I have read the dictionary definition countless times. I have experienced My fetish(es) pushed down and denied only to come back fuller and more potent than ever, as if making up for lost time. I have worked through and thus encountered many people whose fear of their partner's fetish(es) ate away at their self esteem and mind. What I believe now regarding a person's fetishizing is so much more simple, even charming. 

Often, a fetish is a part of something much larger... let's use the foot as an example. It is natural, healthy and progressive to 'break down' an overwhelming situation into many small pieces, in order to begin to approach dealing with it. I have come to recognize that the fetishists with triggers like this, 'a small part or portion of the whole', are actually very submissive... among the most devout, as they are so easily overwhelmed by the whole package. I can receive much better pleasure from a submissive serving Me if I permit them to start worshipping and enjoying their fetish first... then move them into any position I desire after. This has far better results than say.... using their fetish as a reward. The reward is transcending it... expanding the fetish, growing it... bringing more fetishes to the surface and the interplay including public play when safely encoded in an otherwise innocuous object.

Then we have the fetishes/ists that are very lengthy and involved... so much detail. I break these down, seeking for the smaller parts inside. This is a scenario... not a fetish. First comes the fetish, then comes the scenario... usually. When a scenario is so particular for someone that the likelihood of it going down as depicted is slim... I must address a 'topping from the bottom' issue. Not since My 'Pro Dom' days have I indulged this sort of scene with satisfaction. I feel the people who have a laundry list of particulars need to be prepared to pay...or at least pay it forward, and in advance. They are shopping. 

Fantasy and scenario differ... by My definition... because fantasy is more fluid, flexible and forgiving. Fantasy is episodic, returning to some similarities but not repeated word for word... there can be enough openness to explore a new path here and there. These definitions are not absolute ~ I basically recognize who is attracted to what and why... then I know how to push or pull their switches should I feel like engaging. This is such a bonding moment. When I do engage it is with all My heart. I have to feel a form of love for you if I am going to become concerned with what makes you truly happy... Luckily I have a lot to give. If love were currency, I would be a billionaire. 

All this talk of fetish... and I still have to confess Mine. Yes, I adore the appeal of rubber latex, sexy boots and shoes, blindfolds and beautiful bondage gear, stainless steel medical instruments, e- stim and electro-sex gear.... but My real fetish is this: Discovering and uncovering the fetishes of others. Getting deep into the heads of others, past the point of psychiatry/therapy... Yes, this gets Me off. Once I know yours, I am piqued in a most delightful and devious way. Perhaps it is also like taking one small part of you, knowing it through committed intensive exploratory and then moving on to learn more about the rest of the person. 

I do like to work from the inside out rather then the outside in. I enjoy the added challenge as I like it when the stakes are high. My interests and activities are so vast, so varied, that explains why almost any fetish is one I have explored. It didn't happen all at once. Things like water sports were anathema to Me for many years. Timing is everything. One thing I can say that I have also observed in others would have to be how hard a fetish will come back to the surface if pushed down or denied for long. And when that happens, your life may be changed so much more than just accepting it as part of you in the first place!

My other constant thoughts and feelings are regarding the fetishes of Our partners. To deny them and not accept them then not share this with them is nearing abusive. If you are so repelled, then give permission for them to still have time enjoying and exploring or else the quality of the relationship is doomed to mediocrity or worse. I really want to impress on people that sharing fantasies... that knowing what your partner is thinking about the moment of their orgasm... is a priceless thing. If a fetish is a perfect pearl in the oyster of your mind then how will you wear yours?



  1. Thank You for depicting so clearly the differences there might be between the fetish core and its derivated possible scenarios. i never looked upon it that way. That a topping from the bottom could be a fetish in itself. It would mean intentendly indulging in a fetish for the sake of a scenario. Whereas the scenario is like a recipient containing a multitude of fetishes, such as a human's personality is made up of a large variety of energies from different kinds. So one particular fetish in itself is lived out through the wholeness of the recipient, but leaving all that blank and dark what makes up the wholeness, in that case, the wholeness of the submissive self.
    Well truly for me the ultimate fetish is Your scenario taking place as that shining beautifull pearl in the core of my mind. Would be so fatastic, giving You the pleasure of exploring what there might or might not be.

  2. Thanks very much for you personal interpretation of the exploration of fetish,the whole watch her {grow(trigger)} thing for me its been three years its has gotten to that magnitude,my fetishes are still women's Legs, feet, ass, at some point nails,on sex terms,then i got into erotic hypnosis , that a next playing field that match my sexual urges ,i'm going under you voice i am loving it , but the Whole Giantess/genie idea,like to see where that goes ,,loving your style Mistress Goddess ElleChemy @_@ ....I submit ..Maybe!I like the challenge,love your totality !Increasing your power ! ZoneMan