Thursday, 24 December 2015

New Directions

It may have come to your attention that I have restructured access to My sessions. 

Why are they gone?

They aren't gone, they are moving from Soundcloud to KinkBomb
Because My files range from ADULT ONLY to XXX-plicit content, hosting them on an ADULT site gives Me more control over who has access to My work. This is very important to Me as I am well aware of how powerfully My work can affect even the most resistant subject and I have a constant stream of messages in My inbox to prove it. 

When will my favorite session be available?

Very soon. Sessions are being released often. Fans who check in daily will not be disappointed. Whether it's a new release, short video or tweet, there's always more Ellechemistry to absorb.

They have new cover art!

Yes, there is a definite theme to the new cover art. There is an intentional return to form. This fetish has it's own history and mythology. It's difficult to pinpoint where our interests or obsessions began, but for many of us with a hypno-fetish it may be a particular pulp novel, piece of erotic literature or even comic book or cartoon. I wanted to pay homage to the some of the source material that inspires Me.

What can fans expect in 2016?

Expect to see new and exciting subsections of the Syllabus as it grows. One of the reasons I am excited about having increased control over who can see My work is because it frees Me up to explore more extreme themes and subject matter. I have always been very careful about what I release knowing that it often takes more profound hold than I would have imagined. 

I look forward to giving My fans an opportunity to support the creation of new materials and building My visibility with a new audience. This will come in many forms, including social media engagement, polls, contests, collaborations and many other exciting ways to demonstrate your devotion to Ellechemy.

More extreme themes?

Yes! Many of you have noticed that the theme of TRANSFORMATION runs throughout all of My work. It does deeply, yet there is another part to that theme I wish to explore, and that is the PROCESS. I have spent a long time and much effort getting to this very moment. Not satisfied with taking on transformation in and of itself, but how it occurs, and why, explored explicitly, in new media and different kinds of sessions, by following up on frequently requested subject matter, and the continuations of fan favorites.

Without getting into the HOW and the WHY of transformation (or any topic) there is only so far you can go without repeating yourself. Without the further, philosophical questions being asked here we would inevitably be saying the same things over and over without making any progress past the introductions. 

That is certainly no way to push limits or boundaries or widen one's horizons in any significant way. Growth always results in some change, and some of us naturally resist that. The only stasis I enjoy is the kind I inflict. 

There are themes and ideas I have been developing for a long time. I feel I now have a stable of subjects sufficiently trained to handle more advanced experiences and assignments. I am very excited to (un)leash the most diabolical products of My imagination in the year ahead. Happy 2016. 

Hypnotically yours,



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  2. not good they R gone, thnx 4 the few i heard, WONT pay 4 them