Friday, 6 May 2016

Days in May

Hello slaves and subbies. May is an exciting month for Me, it's My Birthday Month and you all really enjoy spoiling Me for weeks before and after. I wake up to many beautiful gifts every day. I receive lots of extra inspiration to write, record, film, photograph and of course make time for one-on-one time with My favorite toys.

May is also an exciting month for My studio. The "House of Elle" has been bustling! Additionally, I have been so pleased to watch My *smexy* new sessions receive so many likes. It always feels good to be at the top of My game, but My time so far on KinkBomb has been especially rewarding. Thanks to My many loyal (and new) fans, I have stayed in the Top Lists and have enjoyed certain rewards from running a successful top tier studio. 

Some of you have even bought the same session twice, thanking Me again for what I have created and shared with you. I know listening feels SO good and you've been VERY devoted, so I wanted to reward you by doing something special. And fun.

After some deliberation, I have decided to release PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED CUSTOM CONTENT all of May. It will be exciting for My listeners to hear some special files which My fans have previously commissioned. These sessions are all re-edited and do not contain the subject's name. Be warned: Some of these sessions are weirder than others. 

Custom sessions can be tricky to release. I have had a lot of fun doing custom video, photo sets and audio sessions. Custom files can end up being so specific and strange, that making them available for general sale could risk alienating one's existing audience.

Customs can also be cohesive, effective & original sessions that fit seamlessly into a collection of ones best work. They can have a wider appeal than expected. I am expecting that from making some of Mine available it will bring a unique voyeuristic excitement to the listener and perhaps get them thinking about custom commissioning their next session or photo set.

So watch for selected previously unreleased files as they become available on KINKBOMB and ELLECHEMISTRY.COM

+<3 Ellechemy

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