Thursday, 6 March 2014

Life of a Domme

- or How I Learned to Make the Most of My Manicure

There are many things I have freedom from having to do ever again, and I can tell you without reservation how liberating it is for someone like Me to have this luxury.

I don't set alarms anymore. I have slaves for that. I much prefer waking to a naked male offering Me a freshly brewed coffee rather than breaking a nail from pounding on a flashing, bleating box buzzing by My head. My mornings have never been better, while My sleep is sounder, still, knowing a dependable & eager to serve slave will see to it that I do not oversleep.

I rarely open doors of any kind. This pleases Me greatly, as doing so Myself has been a source of more destroyed manicures than I care to remember. This includes but is not limited to car doors which are the worst for potentially bending or breaking a nail. Nothing beats this simply chivalrous gesture, & be sure that everyone notices and many compliment the male who does this for a Woman. Every time I go somewhere I make an entrance, as My devoted servant gets the door and allows Me to enter before they do.

I have a car I love, but I no longer drive. It's far more desirable to be chauffeured to My destination, always on time, never having to contend with the rain or having to search for parking. Instead, I catch up on My messages and enjoy My Starbucks. It goes without saying that I haven't pumped gasoline or topped off the oil with these hands lately.

I never need to cook or prepare meals because I have people for that. I will never nick a finger or chip a nail in the kitchen again. This goes for kitchen clean up as well. That's several hours each day that I now spend leisurely: bubble baths, facials, paraffin wax treatments, workouts etc.
No more laundry washing or folding for these hands. That is taken care of as well and it gives Me more time to either let My polish dry or to make appointments for manis & pedis. Either way, I end up with perfect nails & even more time to be devious.

I do have a wickedly exciting career in a dynamic & creative industry, but I can afford to pick & choose the work and the environment that best suits My pampered lifestyle. Trust Me, I don't go to work in miserable weather where My hands & feet will suffer in cold or wet locations! When I do say yes to work, it's usually super fun with long enough breaks to write blogs like this or to map out session ideas.

I also like to experiment with stealth inductions while at work. By far long shiny fingernails produce the most positive & best results. My theory about this is that there is nothing overtly creepy about a man staring at a woman's hands for any length of time. This lends itself to many opportunities in innocent-seeming circumstances: conversation at the water cooler, standing in the same line, and countless other public settings where a subject might not expect to find their self-control stealthily and certainly subverted. I enjoy testing how quickly I can pull someone into following My direction through subtle manipulation of body language. Before long, My hapless subject may find themselves mimicking My gestures, even if it means spilling their drink.

It's adorable & endearing how powerful My long, shiny, stiletto fingernails are over a hungry submissive mind. Seeing Me trace or tap My nails across a surface can be a point of focus or fixation for many subjects. The sound as well as the visual can induce a hypnotic state or can become a new fetish or trigger.

Ah, but the number one way I have managed to keep My talons long & pointy is by having someone else lace, buckle, zip or tie up My boots or shoes for Me. Bonus? Having a slave in their place: right at My feet.

Interested? Intrigued? Any of My dear subjects that find their thoughts caught on the tips of My nails may feed their fascination and honor Me with a little devotional task: Find five high-quality photographs of enchanting, captivating women, featuring their fingernails. During the search feel free to reflect on My fingers swirling through your thoughts. When you've found five suitable images, email them to me with the subject heading "Fixating Fingers". I look forward to seeing what you find.


  1. ~ No less than You deserve: the World, at Your Fingertips. +>3

  2. Thinking of ‘Fist of the North Stars’ Rei – the Nanto Seiken Master who could slice ‘n’ dice opponents as deftly as a Resident Evil computer laser defence system…

    …thoughts of thinking the above sliced ‘n’ diced…

    …thoughts of thinking about anything else other than what I should be thinking about sliced ‘n’ diced…

    …I am mere chopped chicken and spicy vegetables…

    …I am stirred… fried… I am not worthy.