Friday, 12 December 2014


I want you to think of Simpatico as an essential album of top level sessions designed to create a state of like-mindedness between subject and hypnotist. The psychological virtues of using hypnosis and the rewards of doing so are explored in depth beginning with the hypnotic trust exercise session 'Doubtless'. 

Simpatico asks not for the subject to trust Me, the hypnotist, but to trust one's self and to invite the subconscious to integrate new levels of self awareness. Simpatico asks the listener not to search outside of self for what is missing, but instead teaches  how to process and integrate that which has already been taken in.

Whether the goal is to build the confidence required to take a big step or simply to begin to seriously contemplate even a small one, Simpatico takes the subject back to the beginning for a fresh start. I am often asked by those who have trained with My syllabus what the ultimate goal for Me and My subject is at the end of this course ware. Inducing an enduring mental state of open awareness that empowers a subject to safely explore their desires and even bring them to life has always been My motivation. 

For those who desire a new or improved real life D/s relationship, this series will get the subject ready and confident to take the next step in their own personal journey. This series will become a prerequisite for subjects who wish to session with Me in real time serving to build rapport and trust between hypnotist and subject. 

A self assured subject is going to know how to be able to feel safe in any given situation. Even if you know My boundaries exceed yours, you understand that I will not exceed yours unless asked. I want you to feel like you can approach Me in order to get to know Me better, and to learn what I want from you, in any given situation, and that you are wise to do so. 

If you have already trained intensively with My Syllabus then you have already been instilled with more than just triggers, post hypnotic suggestions and other behavioral modifications. I have imparted upon you new values and a renewed sense of purpose and place, reminding you that the subconscious is the realm of dreams and aspirations.


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