Saturday, 13 December 2014

Ellechemistry Turns One celebrates 1 year with a beautifully and purposefully designed new version of the site. Some changes you may notice include the picture Gallery page becoming a Video Gallery and boutique. My intention is to create an evolving and interactive experience for visitors.

Instead of having a separate forum for discussion the focus is on a more intimate exploration of hypnosis. New embedded playlists can be streamed and sessions themselves are now comment and download enabled. Listeners can like or leave comments with time codes at specific points of any of their favourite parts of any of My sessions.

The menu bar is the fastest way to wherever you need to get to on the site and redundant pages are gone. After spending a full year closely observing site traffic patterns, I have assembled all of My highest quality content to flow smoothly into the consciousness of the viewer.

Some aesthetic changes that I am especially pleased with include the new colour palette, background images and how My blog looks when viewed from the Blog page. The Twitter app allows for subjects to live tweet Me with their comments, questions or as they listen to playlists and become more and more suggestible.

If you've been looking around you may have noticed that I have had some fun with easter eggs. I am inspired and it is My intention to post new content every Friday for the next several weeks. Based on response that could become permanent.

Those who have followed Me from the beginning know that I didn't rush to launch a site. I spent years building My library and wanted My website to be just right or not at all. is My home and you will see more and more of Me here as I work to create another level and layer of depth and meaning to this pastime we all enjoy so much.



  1. Beautifully designed as you say, with such care and thought, revealing a real treasure trove within. Your feelings of inspiration are infectious, can't wait to view your new content/posts every Friday

  2. So exciting! Passion and a real sense of purpose and direction. This is a vision that I am in awe of involving myself in and run scared for quite some time... how foolish of me to waste so much time! What a wonderful and generous creation for Your servants to feast upon.